Captivating is just one word to describe Elise Neal.

She commands attention when she walks in the room with a warm personality that draws you in. Even in a studio full of people and cameras, she controls the vibe.

This is what took place on a warm December day in Los Angeles, where we spent a day with Elise for a fun fitness shoot and time of conversation. What we learned about her – – she’s about her business, adaptable to change, confident in her skin, and she is passionate about fitness and helping others find their unique pathway to better health.

As a dancer since the age of six, the Memphis, Tennessee native enjoyed a fruitful career on Broadway before becoming the talented actress we know and love today. She’s always working hard and if you don’t keep up, you might miss out on something. She is defying age, defying the norm, and setting a new standard for beauty and strength!

Now, Elise is gearing up for the final installment in the Wolverine series — Logan — hitting theaters in March. Check out our exclusive behind the scenes video and interview to view a side of Elise you’ve never seen before. Plus, find out more about her upcoming projects and the kickoff of the Elise Body Boot Camp!

Elise Neal, Black Fitness Today

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes video from our shoot with Elise!


Watch our interview with Elise as she covers personal fitness, Elise Neal Body BootCamp, and more!