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After giving birth to my twin girls I was left with the dreaded extra weight all of us women anticipate, I was weighing in over 220 lbs.

britlovesfitness, brit tafoya, love your body

I was feeling uncomfortable and dissatisfied with  the shape of my body.

There were things that kept playing in my mind that were discouraging my journey to lose weight and feel good.

Well, I got through those difficult times and I learned a lot about weight loss, and the transitions we have to go through mentally to reach our goals.

I have to say stepping on stage in my  first Bikini Athlete Competition placing Top 3, really was a defining moment for me.

britlovesfitness, brit tafoya, love your body

  • It made me realize that my weight could have got in the way of the virtue that was ahead of me.
  • I now make it my mission to encourage women to fall in love with loving their bodies.
  • There is so much stuff wrapped up in the accomplishment of your weight loss goal.
  • There is so many things that will flourish from you being focused on making your health a priority.
  • Reaching a goal is a powerful thing and it will change everything about you.
  • I know losing weight can be one of the most emotional journeys to embark on; filled with excitement and sadness all toward a goal.

Many give up before they even try; most give up before they reach their goal. But not you, not this time.

Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t give up on your weight loss goals.

1. You deserve to live your best life.

If your weight is weighing you down and keeping you from soaring, you need to let it go.

2. Your health will thank you.

Being overweight can off balance so many things in our bodies. You don’t need to be skinny, but it is important to be healthy.

If your weight has left the healthy zone, you owe it to your “BEST LIFE” to get on track.

3. It’s time to put on those jeans.

We ALL have that one pair of jeans. After I had my twins I seen a cute pair of jeans while I was out shopping and I just got them and assumed I could fit them. Nope.

They did not fit when I got home. But instead of returning them, I kept them as motivation.

It took me a year, but I got into them!

4. You’ll be that much further tomorrow.

The only way you can get better, is if you start.

There is absolutely no other way around it.

Do you need an extra boost to get started on your weight loss goals? Download my Healthy+Sexy Determined Woman 7 Day Inner Transformation workbook!

5. You’re worth it!

You deserve to live your best life…

And your best life is not weighed down by being overweight.

If you want to wear something, you should be able to and feel comfortable.

If you want to go run after your kids, you should be able to.

Don’t let the ever changing, ever fault finding, ever doubtful fear keep you from going after you.

Oh yes, you can be just as fabulous as you want to be, because you already have what it takes.

Instead of thinking impossible, say I’m Possible!!!


Brit Tafoya

Brit Tafoya is a simplifier and a goal shaker, pushing folks to go after their dreams and fall in love with living their lives! She spends the majority of her time showing women how to take their power back and conquer their health and fitness goals in a life flowing way; helping create a catalyst for growth and pursuit of all things they’ve dreamt of achieving. You will not hear her speak without giving God a shout out for his hand in her life that was deemed for the statistics. She is a mother, a wife, and a woman that will set your goals on fire.

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Here’s the formula ⬇️ EXAMPLE

Your WEIGHT ( 300 pounds ) multiply by 14. = ( 4,200 calories ) That will get you your TOTAL MAINTENANCE CALORIES.

Your MAINTENANCE CALORIE multiply by .25
4,200 calories x .25 = 1,050


Your MAINTENANCE CALORIE 4,200 subtract 1,050 = 3,150 calories.

3,150 would be your calorie goal

Depending on your workout intensity and job you can lower the deficit % the harder you work the more your body needs!
Now just plug in your weight and try it yourself !

Credit: Possible Pat

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I’m a firm believer in always staying prepared ! Why ? Because if I’m hungry I won’t end up eating fast food or something I know I shouldn’t be having. My suggestion is prepare your food for 2 Days that way it stays fresh 👍🏻 consistency is key and if you want to reach your goals, it’s going to take disciple.

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