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    Fall 2017 Cover Story – How Will “WilldaBeast” Adams Beasted His Way to Becoming One Of Dance’s Biggest Influencers

    WillDaBeast Adams, Celebrity Choreographer

    He’s elevated dance. His style is highly sought-after. You’ve probably seen a viral video already showcasing his ridiculous choreography. Will “WilldaBeast” Adams is our Fall 2017 cover and we are excited to share the story of such a dope guy with you all! He’s leaving a mark on the industry that will make it tough for others to make any better.

    Growing up as a military brat was difficult for Adams. Moving around often, and not feeling a sense of belonging left him questioning his purpose, as he knew he was meant for more. Once he found his love for dance, he took a leap of faith, trusted his talent, and moved to Los Angeles, to become a professional dancer to artists such as Usher, T-Pain, The Black Eyed Peas, working with TV series such as GLEE, X-Factor and more. He’d later go on to build his dance empire immaBEAST that has global impact. His annual conference BuildaBeast Experience 2017 going on now, is hosting over 1000 participants daily, representing countries all over the world.

    The energy Adams’ choreography brings is so infectious, you may find yourself watching his YouTube channel for hours, or deciding to try some of his choreography yourself – be careful though – we’re not responsible for any pulled muscles or sore joints that may come from trying to move like that! The fitness level he showcases is one to be admired!

    Dance as a career, or outlet, certainly has its long-term benefits. But even dance as a form of cardiovascular exercise, or stress-reliever, can improve our overall physical and mental health. Scientific studies show that dancing helps improve our core, overall coordination, fight symptoms of depression, and can even keep our brains from aging!

    Adams’ chatted with us about how he stays in great shape, what sets him apart, and what empowers him to be a beast! 

    Willdabeast Adams

    What was life like for you growing up?

    Life was confusing for me growing up. I moved around a lot of places, because I was a military brat. I lived in Virginia, Florida and Indiana for 12 years. I learned to love all people, try new things and was super involved with sports, as well as arts. But I always felt out of place and that I was destined for something more.

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    Trap, Rap and Jumping Jacks!

    TrapAerobics, workout, Facebook, fitness, Chavonne Hodges


    Black Fitness Today is teaming up with GrillznGranola to bring you an exclusive TrapAerobics workout! Join us Wednesday, May 3rd at 7:30PM EST on Facebook Live! 

    TrapAerobics, named “NYC’s Hottest New Workout by 20some.com,”  and featured in The Grio’s 25 Days of Black Biz, is the only trap workout that exists in NYC, making it a turnt up exercise experience that you won’t find anywhere else! Join us, and be a part of a fitness movement fueled by trap music!

    TrapAerobics is a brand new workout merging abs, dabs, dancing and hi-low aerobics movements in a high-energy fitness class. TrapAerobics co-creator and Black Fitness Today featured podcast guest Chavonne Hodges, will lead this fun and exciting sweat session!  

    Is your fitness routine getting stale? This will get you out of your rut. Interested in burning some calories to your favorite trap beats? Maybe a little bit of both? Just RSVP using the form below and you’re ready. Best of all, the class is free and you can access right on Facebook! 

    Listen to “TrapAerobics Co-Creator Chavonne Hodges Discusses Her Hot New Fitness Brand and Life With Panic Disorder” on Spreaker.

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    Podcast Episode #3 – GrillzNGranola’s Chavonne Hodges

    Chavonne Hodges, TrapAerobics, GrillzNGranola, NYC, fitness

    This week, we chat with Chavonne Hodges, co-creator of the NYC-based brand GrillzNGranola, who’s bringing the masses the workout sensation TrapAerobics. She discuss her vision behind her passion, her journey along the way, and how a panic disorder didn’t keep her from forging ahead and making her dreams a reality. In just a short period of time, Chavonne has been recognized for her efforts, even bringing TrapAerobics sessions to Facebook and Tumblr corporate offices. 

    This Wednesday. May 3rd at 7:30PM EST, join us on our Facebook page for a live TrapAerobics workout! Click HERE for more details! 

    What does GrillzNGranola mean? Well, grillz are the gold-plated dentures of hip-hop, and they’re also known to burn food. This is also what your body does when you turn up. And granola? Well, it’s healthy and, more importantly, accessible almost everywhere.

    Tune in now to hear our full chat with Chavonne!

    Listen to “TrapAerobics Co-Creator Chavonne Hodges Discusses Her Hot New Fitness Brand and Life With Panic Disorder” on Spreaker.

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    Laura Govan: How To Find New Strength and Power Through Fitness

    Laura Govan, Black Fitness Today, fitness magazine, celebrity fitness

    Laura Govan, Black Fitness Today, fitness magazine, celebrity fitness

    She’s fierce, fly and fit! Not to mention down-to-earth and open to sharing her journey.  Mother, author, entrepreneur and actress Laura Govan is no stranger to the camera and having her life scrutinized for the world to see. But fitness has become a passion, an escape and a way of rebuilding for Govan, who has transformed her figure after giving birth to four children in a span of five-and-half years. 
    Unhealthy eating habits led her doctor to inform her she was at risk for developing diabetes. She decided enough was enough and she wanted to get her weight, her health, but her mindset back to where it needed to be. 
    Laura keeps her workouts fresh and unique, from training in the gym, to Yoga, to basketball skills and drills — she makes sure to keep from plateauing. 
    Hit the flip for all things Laura Govan and fitness + an interview you don’t want to miss!










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    3 Tips To Help You Permanently Shift To A Healthier Diet!

    Today I am bringing you 3 tips to help you LIVE OUT the possibilities of eating a healthy diet for a lifetime. It is important for me to help you figure out how to make eating the foods that are good for you a lifestyle NOT a temporary fix!

    di·et noun ˈdī-ətFood and drink regularly provided or consumed-Merriam-Webster

    The word “diet” has this negative stigma attached to it. Your diet is simply the way you regularly eat! When people say they are “on a diet,” what they really mean is that they are practicing a healthier diet. Woo, glad we cleared that up!

    It is April, and I am sure you made some goals last week, last month, or in January that you wanted to be a better, wiser, and healthier you! Whether you are on target or not, I am here to let you know at any SECOND you can stop and change for the better!

    If you have made up in your mind that you want to permanently develop a healthier diet, you MUST be patient with yourself. You have to realize that the habits you have now have been built and fortified over the course of 10, 15, or 30 years, so you have to allow yourself some time to unlearn and relearn healthier habits!

    Too often people get extreme and try to drastically change their diets in 24 hours. Even if they see results and are able to participate in the new diet for a few weeks, they have a hard time holding on to the results and diet therapy! This tends to be more damaging to their confidence, motivation, and hope than anything else. That can have you feeling so discouraged that you give up permanently, and that is what we DON’T want!

    In this week’s video, I walk you through 3 tips that will help you shift into a better diet and MAINTAIN it! Eating better doesn’t have to a terrible experience! If you need a little extra help or want some new ideas, you can sign up for my Unstuck Fitness Challenge. Inside of the challenge you will find a prayer, sample meal plan, and 3 fun and challenging workouts! Let’s get to work!

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    The All New Black Fitness Today Podcast!

    black fitness today, podcast, ilen bell, lauren bell

    The Black Fitness Today Podcast is here! Allow us to re-introduce ourselves: 

    We’re Ilen and Lauren Bell, the husband and wife team behind Black Fitness Today! We want to take things a step further and start a podcast to further connect with you, and bring you even more interviews, tips and tools to keep you fit, empowered and inspired! 

    What better way to kick things off than by interviewing the fitness industry’s most trusted consultant and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp – the fast growing fitness business in the world – Bedros Keuilian! He was even recently named one of the “20 Faces of Franchising” by Global Franchise Magazine. But his success was hard earned. Bedros and his family immigrated to America from Armenia, with less than $300. But his family’s determination and will to overcome led Bedros from digging through dumpsters for food, to reaching massive professional and personal success.

    Listen to this motivating and informative episode as Bedros drops gems for days – – not only for the current and aspiring fitness professional, but for anyone looking to elevate their life! What does hitting the snooze button really mean subconsciously? How do you make time for healthy living while always on the go? What’s the best way for fitness professionals to avoid burnout and make their passion into a profitable living? Get answers to these questions and so much more.
    Keeping you fit, inspired and empowered! We are Black Fitness Today. The premier fitness lifestyle brand for the black community.

    Listen to “Bedros Keuilian: From Homeless Personal Trainer to Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Empire” on Spreaker.

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    Leading Online Retailer Yandy.com CEO Dishes on Best Swimwear For You and Trends for 2017

    Elise Neal, Black Fitness Today, Yandy, Summer, Swimwear

    We think it’s fair to assume that our January cover feature, Elise Neal, can rock anything and make it look awesome – especially swimwear. In fact, her black and white mod one-piece suit from Yandy sold out soon after our cover release. 

    So, but what about the rest of us (lol)? The summer season is fast approaching, and we’re all working hard to get our bodies ready. However, no physique is the same, so what swimwear works best for different body types? What are the hottest trends we can also look for? 

    Black Fitness Today chatted with Yandy CEO Thom Brodeur to answer these questions and more. Beginning as a small, start-up business in 2005, Yandy.com has become the leading online retailer of sexy women’s specialty apparel. Yandy.com offers thousands of stylish items in everyday intimates, lingerie, swimwear and costumes for millions of women around the world, of all shapes and sizes. 

    Thom, how is Yandy making a splash in the world of fashion?

    Yandy’s goal is to make our mark by transforming the business from a marketplace of 10s of thousands of SKUs across a dozen+ categories to a fashion brand with a sharp eye for on-trend, fashion forward design, quality construction and materials, and the right fit for real women. Our objective is to provide a wide-but-manageable variety of sexy lingerie, everyday intimates (bra & panty), swimwear, active and loungewear to every woman in every shape, size and ethnicity all underscored by our core mission…to help every woman find and own her own brand of sexy.

    The brand’s mission is to help every woman discover or re-discover her own brand of sexy. Whether a celebrity like Elise Neal or an everyday woman, how does Yandy swimwear cater to women of varying body types, and what styles/pieces are best for different body types (i.e., athletic, curvy, petite, etc.)? 
    Our styles were designed with a wide range of tastes and requirements in mind. Our sporty high neck styles accentuate an athletic physique. Our sexy one piece suits with high cut legs look great on a petite frame, and our high waisted silhouettes hug a curvier figure in all the right places. If you saw the Yandy Swim 2017 Collection that debuted recently at New York Fashion Week; you would have seen models ranging from 5’7 to 6’, size 0 and up, body types from athletic to curvy and full figured, and a range in ethnicities to represent our perspective on what sexy swim is… on a global level. The ideal woman’s look, figure, shape and size is different any and everywhere in the world you go. Yandy wants to continue to bring more of that to the forefront.

    summer, swimwear, Yandy, Black Fitness Today, Elise Neal

    What are the biggest trends in swimwear for summer 2017?
    We’ve designed and put a lot of high necklines, long sleeves, high cut hips, low plunging necklines, chic off-the-shoulder looks and high waisted styles into our latest swim collection, and so far, have seen very favorable customer response. We’re excited for swim season to kick into full gear. It’s always great to let the market pick your winners, and then refine your design efforts for future cycles based on real customer feedback.

    The suit worn by Elise Neal on our Jan. cover was immediately highly sought after. What can a buyer expect when they receive their Yandy swimwear? 
    Yandy customers can expect sophisticated, on-trend swimwear with unrivaled fit and quality, that when worn, will make them feel confident and sexy. 

    Browse Yandy’s vast array of swimwear and specialty apparel, and keep up with the brand: 

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    Bedros Keuilian, Owner of Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise to Hold Sold-Out Fitness Business Summit 2017

    bedros keuilian, fitness business summit, fit body boot camp, pt power

    Fitness Industry Education Summit Sells Out Tickets for 2017 Event

    Bedros Keuilian, high-performance business coach, creator of PTPower, and founder of the popular fitness boot camp franchise Fit Body Boot Camp, announces that Fitness Business Summit 2017 has sold out.

    Bedros Keuilian, high-performance business coach, creator of PTPower, and founder of the popular fitness boot camp franchise Fit Body Boot Camp, has announced that his yearly event, Fitness Business Summit, has sold out. The event will take place on March 24-26, 2017 in San Diego, Calif. at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

    As in previous years, Fitness Business Summit 2017 will include coaching talks from some of the top-earning fitness professionals in the industry, along with a special celebrity guest. These speakers will draw on their own business experience to deliver informative overviews and set-by-step formulas for such things as training, nutrition, marketing, customer service, and sales. The summit will also include a special expo space for sponsors of the event. Here, attendees can sample everything from workout gear to business software and establish connections with their suppliers.

    “Fitness Business Summit continues to grow every year,” said Keuilian, “We’re getting bigger speakers, bigger sponsors, bigger crowds. It’s hugely exciting. The part I love most is knowing that all these passionate fitness professionals are going to go home afterwards to deliver even better service to their clients and take home even more of the money they deserve.”

    For more information on this summit, please visit the website for Fitness Business Summit: http://fitnessbusinesssummit.com/

    About Bedros Keuilian:

    Bedros Keuilian is a best-selling author, speaker and business consultant. He’s the founder and CEO of Fit Body Bootcamp, one of the nation’s fastest growing franchises and an investor in over a dozen companies ranging from software, digital ad agencies and coaching and consulting services. 

    He’s known as the hidden genius that entrepreneurs, best-selling authors and thought leaders turn to when they want to create high level mastermind and coaching programs, quickly scale their businesses.

    An immigrant from a communist country turned hugely successful entrepreneur, Bedros uses the stage, TV and social media platforms to share his personal Immigrant Edge and American Dream story to help inspire audiences worldwide to reach their fullest potential. 


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    Get “Un-stuck” and Back on Track with The Fitness Jem

    thefitnessjem, new year's resolutions, goals, health, fitness

    Are you having trouble sticking to your New Year’s health goals for 2017? Well guess what — it’s not too late to reset, refocus, get back on track and take control of your health and wellness!

    BFT contributor and holistic lifestyle maven Jená Emily Utley a.k.a. The Fitness Jem, is dropping gems that can help you change the habits and mental patterns that had you bound in the past! Check out the video for her practical tips you can apply right now! 

    Be sure to learn more about Jená, her journey and how she can help you build a balanced, creative and fit life by following her on her website and on social media @TheFitnessJem.

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    Future NFL Hall-of-Famer Edgerrin James Talks Running 500 Miles in 365 Days

    edgerrin james, fitness0

    No matter what he does, Edgerrin James knows how to lead. During his time in the NFL, James averaged 4.2 yards per carry and is one of the all-time leaders in career rushing yards. Although retired, these days, the future Hall-of-Famer also rushes toward opportunities to give back. A beloved member of the University of Miami community, James contributed the largest-ever donation of any former athlete that has ever attended. He is also the founder of the Edgerrin James Foundation and the Edgerrin James Youth Football Skills Camp.

    Black Fitness Today caught up with James to learn about his recent decision to embark on a 500-mile journey this past year, and what set him apart in his training as a professional athlete.

    Why did you decide to embark on your 500-mile journey across the country? What has the journey taught you?

    I always like to challenge myself. Running is something I’ve always hated doing, so that made it pretty interesting! This experience has really pushed me because there’s no reward at the end of the [500-mile journey] except the fact that I did it and I was consistent. There were many times I didn’t feel like running, but once I agreed to do it, I knew I had to accomplish it.

    Tell us more about your partnership with Adidas.

    The Adidas partnership was good for many reasons. They provided some nice uniforms for my youth football team from top to bottom. That’s more important than anything — to lace a team of inner-city kids with custom uniforms meant a lot to me and the kids. Another reason is the relationship with the University of Miami; that’s my school and I rep the gear faithfully. So it’s only right I locked in with Adidas. I’m glad the deal worked out and look forward to building on that relationship.

    edgerrin james, fitness, black fitness today

    You mentioned that you’ve always hated running. Did that have any impact on you while playing football in terms of how you approached your training?

    Basketball was my go to sport. It is fun and exciting  and also gets you in shape. I used playing ball as my running to get in shape.

    What was your favorite off-season training routine?

    I’ve always liked the late-night sessions in the off-season. I would train before going to the club or after leaving the club — sounds unusual but it was the best for me. I didn’t drink and was well-rested before I would go out. My training was always very quiet with no distractions. During the day I would go to the University of Miami and get it in with the younger guys in the hot sun.

    In addition to your 500-mile journey, how else do you stay in shape these days?

    I always work out three to four times a week. Nothing hard, but I consistently get some type of work in.

    What role does nutrition play in your everyday life? What are some of your favorite healthy foods and foods you can’t live without?

    I don’t worry too much about what I eat. I just make sure I maintain a certain weight and follow up any heavy eating with a nice workout to make sure I’m back on track.

    edgerrin james, black fitness today, edgerring james camp
    Via Naples News Daily

    Many people know you for your accomplishments on the football field, but many don’t know that you are also passionate about giving back. What are some of your initiatives? Why is philanthropy so important to you?

    My purpose is to empower my people and all people that share stories similar to mine. Too many times, you see other cultures having success and wonder why not us. It’s up to us to look out for us and when you see examples, it makes it really real to the younger generation. It also gives them realistic goals to chase without making the excuses. I’m just trying to be an example that’s tried and true without any excuses. Just hard work and determination…

    What advice do you have to young men who are looking to follow in your footsteps?

    Learn as much as you can and just become a good example for the next generation, understand how this world works, and play the game of life to win!

    What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

    The legacy I want to leave behind is that I did things the right way and never tried to be anyone else except myself, that I showed people you don’t have to conform or be something you’re not to be successful, and just put in the right work and let everything else work itself out.

    edgerrin james, black fitness today

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    Star Power and Women of Color in Full Force at Circle of Sisters Expo 2016

    Circle of Sisters, Celebrities, NYC, WBLS, Hot 97

    Thousands showed up and showed out in NYC at the 12th annual Circle of Sisters Expo 2016 – the largest expo for people of color in the Tri-State area, presented by AARP New York and hosted by WBLS 107.5 FM, 1190 WLIB AM, and WQHT HOT 97 FM.

    Black Fitness Today covered the star-studded event included panel discussions with Robin Roberts, Mona Scott-Young, Common, Judge Glenda Hatchett, Clifton Powell and more, the HealthFirst Culinary Corner with celebrity chef Nikki Shaw and Bobby Brown throwing down and promoting his new book and line of barbecue sauces, a fashion show, gospel explosion, performances, 250 vendors and small businesses and more!


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