Vegas Strip

You may not think vegan eating is synonymous with Las Vegas, but you can be confident in knowing that if you have chosen a meatless lifestyle, “Sin City” does in fact give up the goods! As a Los Angeles resident, I have visited Las Vegas quite a few times and I’ve never left hungry (or broke, thank goodness). Below, is my take on great places to enjoy vegan fare, whether on or off the strip!

Vegas Strip

The Wynn and Encore on the strip offer vegan selections – owner Steve Wynn is vegan. I guess he wanted to be sure he could eat well in his own hotel! My go-to favorite is the Society Cafe at Encore.

Gonzalez Y Gonzalez at New York New York on the strip is another place to enjoy great-tasting vegan options. I ordered the veggie fajitas and I think those were the best I’ve ever had! The vegetables were grilled to absolute perfection and thank goodness I had someone with me to help eat them up! All I had to do was ask them to hold the cheese and sour cream!

We also traveled off the strip and went to Pura Vida Bakery and Bystro on Western Avenue. I came across this place from searching online and let me tell you – the reviews I read before heading over there are SO well-deserved! I love breakfast/brunch and the vegan French toast left me wanting more! All of Pura Vida’s dishes are non-GMO and organic – you could definitely taste the difference. Check out a full write up on Pura Vida on my website!

WholeFoodsVeganThere was also a Whole Foods nearby that wasn’t stingy at all with their vegan selections!

This, my friends, is but a short list of options and all it takes is a little research and ambition and to be eating well with the rest of them in between hitting the slots! You can find vegan grub just about anywhere, even in places you wouldn’t expect!

In between some of the more indulgent choices, I suggest filling up on fruit, veggies and greens as well! I was even able to squeeze in working out! When traveling, I say enjoy but don’t overdo it. Living a healthy lifestyle is a daily commitment so being mindful while traveling is always a good idea.

The vegan lifestyle is not about deprivation and difficulty, as some may believe. It may require a little more planning, but the payoff is always well worth it! The Happy Cow is a great resource in finding vegetarian and vegan friendly spots all over the world. So, happy travels and plant-based eating no matter where life may take you!

Happy Cow

Written by Christa Shelton

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Christa Shelton is a vegan health coach and speaker dedicated to educating and helping people transition to the lifestyle through personalized coaching and meal planning. She has been vegetarian since 2001 and transitioned fully to veganism in 2006. Christa also dedicates herself to maintaining an active physical fitness lifestyle that includes cardio and weight training and is in the midst of preparing for her first fitness competition

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