Ask Dr. Lee, feat Dr. Jason Richardson – I Seem to Be In A Rut. How Do I Change My Daily Routine?

Dr. C. M. Lee Jr., Dr. Jason Richardson, BMX

I’ve enlisted the help of my very good friend Dr. Richardson for the next few blog posts. We’re partnering to help you reach your fitness goals. We’ll start with some fundamentals today.


The Rosenthal Effect (also known as Pygmalion Effect or teacher-expectancy effect) is named after the American psychologist Robert Rosenthal. Robert Rosenthal performed extensive research into the way in which one’s beliefs, biases, and expectations can have an influence on behavior and results. These behavioral modifications and the ending results can also have a massive impact on our health and fitness. Often, we limit ourselves with beliefs about fitness. Beliefs such as: I don’t have time for the gym, or I’m just not a good runner, etc.

So, what would you do if you had no limits? The answer just might be another question, What wouldn’t I do? Right?

Rosenthal and other researchers conducted a series of experiments that looked at this idea, using students as participants.

HYPOTHESIS: If teachers expected certain students to perform better, those students would perform better.

STUDY: An IQ test was given to students from 18 classrooms. It was disguised as a test that would predict intellectual “blooming.” Researchers randomly picked a few students and told the teachers that these particular kids would show surprising gains over the rest of the school year. At the end of the school year, all of the students were retested with the same IQ test.

RESULT: The children whom the teachers expected to show significant gains actually ended up having a significantly greater gain than the children in the control group.

[In essence, you can create expectations for yourself and/or for the people you care about. Think of the thoughts or actions that may have limited you in the past. Then, flip the script! Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want!] Maybe the thought will transform into ‘I am becoming a better runner.”, or , “Fitness is a priority in my life.” If you’ve got a schedule and are looking to improve your results you can switch the focus to only thinking of yourself as you want to be. Better yet, think of yourself in the process of becoming who and what you want to be; waking up in the AM and taking that run, pressing the weight on that last rep, nourishing your body with healthy food and crisp clear water!

We all have goals and at our best are working to achieve them; now it’s time to use our mental focus to press ourselves forward and push our limits. Those teachers in the study may have encouraged those specific students a little more. Dr. Jason and I will be pushing you every month with challenges. Remember, Roger Bannister was the first person to break the four-minute mile record. And that record only lasted for six weeks because an old limit had been pushed. For more info on Dr. Jason, visit or find him on Twitter @RealDrJRich.

Food for thought for this week:

What are some of the limiting thoughts I hold concerning my fitness?
Are there any limits that I act on or base my actions around?
Who’s someone I can partner with around fitness this week?

Challenges for this week:

Tell yourself what you are doing rather than what you are “gonna do.”
Change just one routine. Walk instead of ride. Ride instead of drive. Climb instead of elevate/escalate, etc.

You are #1, expect to carry yourself as such!


Dr. Jason & Dr. Lee

Please share some ideas on how you’ve made changes to your routine. What has worked for you?


About Dr. Jason

Dr. Jason Richardson, BMX

Before becoming a licensed psychologist, Dr. Jason Richardson traveled the world as a Professional BMX Cyclist and was able to maintain a Top-Ten World and/or National Ranking for the better part of his 15-year career. In 1994, he earned the distinction of World Champion in his first World title event. Thirteen years later, after recovering from a broken femur in 2006, his experience and talent was validated with a GOLD Medal performance at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Thus, becoming the first BMX Cyclist to earn a Medal in an International Olympic Committee (IOC) sanctioned event. Jason retired from racing in 2008 as the oldest competitor in the Elite class and with a Top 3 National ranking.

During his athletic tenure, Jason also pushed to achieve academic and career goals that extended beyond the field of competition. Building on his Bachelors Degree in Philosophy, Jason earned his MBA in 2000 and Doctorate in Psychology in 2010. Jason has worked with top brands in the bicycle industry, mentored youth, served on the Board of Directors of two National non-profit organizations, and developed/marketed after-school programs for at-risk youth. Dr. Richardson is now part of an expanding clinical practice and professional consulting business. His newly opened cutting edge mind studio is specifically designed to meet the needs of each and every one of his clients.

Written by C. M. Lee, Jr. MD

Profile photo of C. M. Lee, Jr. MD

Dr. Lee is an author, speaker, physician and the CEO/Founder of CMLEEJR Co. a personal empowerment brand dedicated to enhancing the lives of others through health education and the use of positive psychology. Dr. Lee's personal memoir "Well, My Mom Says..." is due for release in May 2014. As a USAF Flight Surgeon, Dr. Lee is responsible for the care of Air Force pilots and flyers. He has been featured in the Sacramento Business Journal, The Word Magazine, and others. For more information or to contact Dr. Lee please visit

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