Avocado Turkey Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Avocado Turkey Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Why is breakfast so important? Well here’s the reason: while we are asleep we’re not eating, which means our bodies are in a 6 to 12-hour fasted state. Getting in great shape require us to support fat metabolism while preventing muscle wasting, as the body will begin destroying muscle (also called catabolism) for energy / food if fasting continues for extended periods of time. Remember the more muscle we have the higher our metabolism will be, so we definitely do not want to give the body an opportunity to break down muscle. Ending your fasted state with a quality breakfast after a good night’s sleep can prevent catabolism and help you reach your goals quicker.  

Quality Breakfast Tips

I suggest having a complex carb, but you can also add a low sugar fruit like berries. Adding an essential or healthy fat is a good idea as well. You’ll also need a fast-digesting protein like eggs or protein powder. Adding a fibrous low-calorie veggie is a great idea too. The “Avocado Turkey Egg Breakfast Sandwich” is one of my favorites because it’s a perfect combination of all the components of a power-packing breakfast for an active metabolism. I also provided a nutritional analysis so that you can adjust to meet your caloric needs, weight loss and fitness goals. Enjoy! 

Written by Candice McCoy

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Candice and is a Fitness and Nutrition Coach and a former track and field athlete, where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Food Science from Florida State University. She has over seven years of fitness training experience to include working as a corporate wellness professional. She received a master's degree in Science Education from Mercer University and currently work as a science teacher all while being a business owner and fitness competitor. Her training approach helps clients adopt a healthy and fitness lifestyle that leads to prevention and treatment of disease, increased self-esteem, and improved health, appearance and quality of life.

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