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Beyoncé Launches Vegan Meal Delivery Service: Hype or Healthy?

Ilen Bell, MS, CSCS, Co-Founder of Black Fitness Today



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Apparently the kale sweatshirt Beyoncé wore in her 7/11 video is not just a fashion statement. Beyoncé is serious about kale. So serious, that she launched a vegan meal delivery program with her trainer Marco Borges. However, this may not come as a surprise to ‘Beyhivers’ whom followed Mrs. Carter and husband, Jay Z during their 22-day vegan journey in 2013, detailed on Jay Z’s blog.

More on the company

The company is called 22 Days Nutrition — it’s based off of the idea that it takes 21 days to break a habit — and the meals are all 100 percent plant-based. They are also made with non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and organic ingredients. The meals, which range in price from $9.76 to $16.50, are delivered once a week (more information about the company here).

Beyonce hasn’t always been so gung-ho about the plant food life. Once, while in tour on the UK, the diva ordered around $2,255 worth of the decidedly non-vegan peri-peri chicken from rapper Wiz Khalifa’s favorite chain Nando’s. The order included 58 wing platters, 48 orders of fries, a dozen veggie burgers, and 24 orders of coleslaw. The singer has also treated her entourage to 150 po’ boys while on tour in New Orleans. Via

But is it healthy?


Like most restrictive diets, this one carries its own set of risks, says Lisa Moskovitz, RD, founder of the New York Nutrition Group. While the FAQ section of the 22 Days Nutrition website mentions specifically that you’re getting enough protein with the plan, vegans in general need to be careful they’re getting all recommended nutrients.

“Most vegan dieters are at risk for nutritional deficiencies that are primarily found in or absorbed from animal foods, such as protein, zinc, iron, B-vitamins, vitamin D, and calcium,” she tells Yahoo Health. “This doesn’t mean they can’t reach the RDA [Recommended Dietary Allowances] standards for these nutrients in vegan foods, but it can be very challenging without taking supplements.”

And if you’re not careful, veganism (in time) can also make it difficult to sustain weight. “Since all animal foods are eliminated, you’re also eliminating key sources of iron, vitamin D, calcium, and zinc to support a healthy immune system, strong bones, and other body functions, as well losing some energizing B-vitamins and protein to curb appetite,” Moskovitz says. “These things help build lean muscle, and thus burn body fat, so veganism can be unhealthy and even lead to weight gain over time.”

That’s why going vegan requires proper planning, Moskovitz says. Many vegan diets tend to be higher in fat and carbs, which can also contribute to weight gain, increased appetite, and blood sugar and energy level swings. The 22 Days program has seemingly taken these factors into account, enlisting chefs to create “the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat with limited salt and sugar,” according to the site.

Moskovitz agrees the meal plan could be right for some audiences — but not every audience, particularly those who are always on the go. Even though the meal plan is full of colorful, antioxidant-rich produce, for “highly active individuals, this might leave you low on energy,” says Moskovitz. “I would estimate this plan to be between 1,300 and 1,600 calories per day.” That said, you could always supplement with healthy fruits, vegetables, and nuts for more fuel, paying special attention to protein sources for ample muscle recovery if you’re a workout junkie.

With those calorie totals, Moskovitz says the plan does seem tailored toward those looking for a temporary slim-down regimen ‘ especially with a costly price per meal — but it could definitely fit the right person.

“For those who want to try the short-term challenge, her plan does look like it has plenty of nutritious meals with heart-healthy fiber,” Moskovitz says. Via Yahoo Health

Ilen Bell is co-founder and CEO of Black Fitness Today, a digital platform dedicated to empowering the black community through health promotion and performance enhancement. He lives in Tucson, AZ with his wife and daughter and nine-to-fives it as head strength and conditioning coach for a military special operations unit.

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Your Guide To Shopping For Produce

Find out what produce you should definitely buy organic, and what is okay to buy conventionally



It seems to be getting harder and harder to know what is being sold to us at the grocery store. We know that the beautiful, shiny produce is the most affordable but probably contains the highest amounts of wax, pesticides and other chemicals. However, organic can be a bit pricey and possibly unavailable, depending on where you have access to shop.

Did you know that the USDA found a total of 178 different pesticides and pesticide breakdown products on the thousands of produce samples it analyzed? The pesticides persisted on fruits and vegetables even when they were washed and, in some cases, peeled.

See what happens when you pour hot water on conventional apples. The chemicals literally melt! It’s important that we buy organic and if we cannot, at least wash our produce prior to consuming (Video: Laurline Eldemire Lawrence via Facebook):

Check out the most recent list of produce that you should preferably buy organic, known as the ‘Dirty Dozen,’ and which produce is safe to purchase conventionally, known as the ‘Clean Fifteen.’ While you may not find every produce item you like to eat on these lists, this is a great start!

fruit, vegetables, organic

Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen. Credit: EWG

Read the full report here:

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Drink Your Way to Fat Loss

Let’s start with water and its importance to fat loss……notice I say “Fat Loss” because I view it differently than “weight loss”. Eliminate carbohydrates, fast, go on a juice diet, detox, cleanse or drink some sort of weight loss shake and inevitably you will lose weight. However, you generally will gain it back…and if you are super unlucky…plus some!

On average, I would say that prior to my lifestyle change, I was lucky to finish a bottle of water a day. I didn’t think about drinking and I consumed most of my liquids in the form of tea or coffee during the day as I was never a soda drinker.

If you want to lose FAT, here are a few reasons water is so important to your success.

1. Appetite Control – Water is an appetite suppressant which means that drinking enough of it ensures that when you do feel hungry you really need something to eat. Drinking a lot of water helps to keep hunger at bay!

2. Toxins – Water clears toxins and helps fats pass through your system before they can be stored. Water helps any substance your body doesn’t need exit safely and aids in transporting the necessary nutrients throughout your body.

3. Kidney function – The kidneys require water to carry out their duty of processing waste products efficiently. When the kidneys don’t have enough water, the liver comes to aid. Part of the liver’s responsibilities is to take your stored fat and turn it into energy you can use. Therefore, by not drinking enough water you are slowing down the speed at which the liver can do it’s work. Drink more water and let the liver turn your FAT into ENERGY!

FIT TIP-Drink 8 oz or 1 glass of water every hour at work. One 8 hour shift meets the average daily requirement of 8 glasses (64 oz) a day.

4. Hormones – As you start to cut the amount of food you are taking in as most people do when they are trying to lose weight the body senses this lack of calories. From an evolutionary perspective, whenever there was a lack of food there was also a lack of water. By consuming enough water, you tell the body there is “No Emergency” and that it is safe to let go of the fat rather than hoard it.

5. Hydrated Muscles – Muscles that are hydrated are stronger which leads to better workouts, more muscle growth and ultimately increases your metabolism. Muscles burn more calories just by their mere existence!


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@iamnayfit – 5 Tips to Make Your #BodyGoals A Reality and Getting Results In 28-Day Challenge

Ilen Bell, MS, CSCS, Co-Founder of Black Fitness Today




What is the #Ri28 challenge?

The 28 day challenge was made when we put together all of the elements needed to lower your body fat percentage quickly and efficiently.  The combination of reducing carb intake and increase activity on a daily basis is key to fat loss.

What can people expect over 28 days?

Clients can look forward to a no stress program. No gym membership is needed , no gym equipment is required. All you need is $39 and a device to watch the workout on.

Who is the #Ri28 challenge for?

This challenge is for anyone who wants to tighten and tone. This a great way to spice up your normal cardio routine with high intensity interval training.

Why should people join the challenge?Anyone wanting for feel better and look their best should join the #Ri28 family. 2017 is coming to an end and it’s time for bring in the new year feeling and looking  like the best version of YOU!

What are your Five Tips to Make #BodyGoals A Reality?

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