BFT “Life Changer” – Chanelle White

This month’s “Life Changers” spotlight features Certified Pilates Instructor and Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach Chanelle White. The South New Jersey native talked to us this month about her personal health and fitness journey and how she helps others achieve a work-life balance.


Q. What was your life like before you created a career in health and fitness?

A. Before finding my passion in health and fitness, I lived a typical lifestyle of a young professional. With my degree in Communications in hand, I sought career opportunities to grow and advance in the field. But along the way, I began sacrificing my social life, personal interests and relationships in order to “keep up.” I thought burnout, stress, and fatigue were the normal prices I had to pay in order to move forward in my career. Although I exercised and ate fairly healthy, I was finding it more difficult to do those things as well as take time out to have fun and enjoy life.

Q. What motivated you to become a Pilates instructor and Wellness Coach and what do you enjoy most about it?

A. Well, I was hooked on Pilates after taking my first class and couldn’t stop. I was amazed how the graceful, fluid, yet challenging movements could sculpt my entire body. Needing an outlet from my 9-to-5 job, I starting teaching mat classes at my local YMCA part-time. The experience only confirmed that I was meant to transform peoples’ bodies through Pilates. Soon after teaching at the Y, I became a certified instructor through PhysicalMind Institute and continued teaching at Pilates studios in Delaware, Washington, DC and New Jersey for several years.

The nutrition and wellness part of my practice happened by coincidence. I was reading online about health coaching and the positive work that coaches do to support people in losing weight, overcoming emotional eating or just having enough energy to be productive at work. As someone who could personally attest to how food, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle can impact mood, relationships and career – I wanted to help my Pilates clients and other busy people find balance. I’m currently enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and now offer personal coaching, workshops, cooking demonstrations, and shopping tours in addition to Pilates. I’m passionate about empowering my clients to reclaim their health and wellness through nutrition, fitness and mindful living.

Q. How were you able to achieve your work-life balance and what advice would you give to readers on how they can achieve theirs?

A. I finally achieved work-life balance when I started putting my needs first. Most of us are pulled in all kinds of directions due to personal and work obligations. But once I realized that I couldn’t be the best daughter, girlfriend, Pilates instructor or health coach without nurturing my needs first, I made what I call “self-care” a priority. Everyday, I take a few minutes to meditate in the shower to reconnect and set my day’s intentions. I also enjoy spa treatments like detox wraps and massages to restore myself.  Self-care doesn’t have to be elaborate perhaps some quiet time alone or reading a book. I encourage everyone to find their own self-care practice and take some regular me time to recharge your batteries.

Q. Why is Pilates a great choice for exercise and overall physique?

A. Pilates is a mind-body exercise that is great for increased body awareness, core strength and flexibility. Many of my clients – both women and men of all ages and physical abilities – experience lean muscle tone, improved posture, core stability, and weight loss. Often viewed as a woman’s exercise, Pilates is a perfect physical conditioning exercise for men too. Professional athletes like, LeBron James and Antonio Brown, incorporate Pilates with their sports training to build stamina, control and overall strength.

Q. How has health and fitness changed your life?

A. Wow! Health and fitness now fills every aspect of my life – personally and professionally – and I can’t imagine it any other way. It’s truly a new lifestyle that I’ve learned to embrace but I also find it a continuous journey of learning and discovering what works best for me. Everyone is different, so foods and movement that energize and sustain me may not work for my clients but we all share the need to live a healthy and vibrant life.

Q. Tell us more about your services and where you can be found.

A. The focus of my practice, Be Well with Chanelle, is to educate and support busy professionals achieve work-life balance by incorporating simple, healthy practices into a hectic schedule – revealing a thinner, happier and healthier new self.

My services include Pilates, nutrition and wellness workshops, cooking demonstrations, and health shopping tours. I accept clients from around the world for nutrition and wellness coaching, all done virtually. I encourage readers to take a first step towards wellness and visit to sign-up for a FREE health consultation.

Residing in south New Jersey, I also teach Pilates at Breathe Studio Pilates in Margate City and will be hosting a Deconstructing Cravings workshop at the studio on October 13th.

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