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With thousands of followers on Instagram, juicing enthusiast, future juice bar owner, student of life, and lover of all, Chaud of Chaud’s Juice Therapy is spreading her movement to the masses.  Black Fitness Today is happy to share her story and help spread the word of the numerous benefits of juicing.

Q. What was your life like before you became passionate about juicing?

A. I would really consider myself pretty lost…really endlessly searching for some sort of purpose. I worked a bunch of random jobs and honestly had no direction. It seemed like I kept making mistake after mistake, but I truly believe self-discovery can come at any stage of life, and it comes when you’re ready. That’s why I’ve learned to never judge anyone, because at the end of the day we’re all doing our best and that is enough. As long as we keep learning, keep moving forward and doing the best we can to make the most of this life, it’s enough.

Q. What influenced you to start this movement?

A. I juiced before starting Chaud’s Juice Therapy, but it’s when I really started researching juicing and it’s healing properties because of my Aunt’s cancer diagnosis. I saw the hope it brought to her to be armed with information she could use daily and I really wanted that for others. Everyone should know about the healing properties of fruits, vegetables and herbs. I personally believe that using natural methods and nutrition for prevention should be the main form of healthcare…not pills and surgeries that only relieve symptoms without ever addressing the root of the problem; and on top of it, leaving people with more issues than they came in with! That’s called “sick-care” not “healthcare!”

Q. What kind of juicer(s) do you use?

A. I have a manual juicer called the Healthy Juicer that I use for things like leafy greens, turmeric, ginger and garlic, and I have an Omega VRT350 that I use for everything else. A lot of juicers, except some of the high end ones, don’t do a great job on greens so I came up with the idea of “supplementing” your current juicer with a manual one specifically for your leafy greens. It’s great because it provides you with a higher concentration of nutrients, the extraction is excellent, there’s no heat or oxidation, and you get way more juice from your greens! It’s extremely important because greens are the most nutrient dense foods we can consume, so the more juice we get out of them the better! Green juice is the elixir of life!

Q. What is your current juicing regimen? Does your diet consist of mainly liquids or a combination of foods and juices?

A. Haha! Yes, I get this question all the time “do you eat?” I do! I maintain a plant- based diet, no meat and I recently cut out dairy and am feeling great! As far as my regimen, I juice daily and consume around 3-4 juices a day. I love to have a fruit juice in the morning and save my green juices for later in the day. The wonderful thing about juicing is even one glass daily can be extremely beneficial. The shear amount of bio-available nutrients concentrated into a single glass of fresh juice is really like nothing else.


Q. How has juicing and use of raw foods changed your life?

A. I have to say, I finally feel alive! When I was eating dead foods and drinking dead drinks, I felt dead! Putting live food and juice into your body really changes so much. I feel better mentally and physically, my skin is better, my digestion is better and my energy is through the roof! Freshly made juice is “pre-digested” meaning the juicer removes the fiber making the nutrients ready for you to absorb almost immediately so your body doesn’t have to extract them from the fiber manually. What this means is even if your system is clogged and backed up, you can still absorb the nutrients from juice within minutes! This is why juice accelerates deep healing and cleansing, because it allows your body to receive tons of nutritional benefits with barely any extra work by your digestive system. Now when you do something like a juice cleanse, it really gives your body the chance to catch up and do some much needed deep cleaning because it doesn’t have to worry about any new food it has to process.

Q. What advice do you have for someone looking to begin juicing?

A. Don’t get overwhelmed! A lot of times, people overcomplicate juicing and it can seem really confusing. Juicing can be really fun and once you start experimenting with different flavors and getting creative with it, you’ll never go back to dead, store bought juice again! The first step would be to buy juicer within your budget, then do what works for you! You can do a simple green or carrot-apple juice every day or you can take it up a notch and do a fancy cranberry lemonade! All freshly-made juice is so great for you and you get nothing but benefits from drinking it daily, so don’t feel like you have to have a million ingredients in one glass. That “juice life” is nothing but good and so worth it!

Q. Tell us where people can find out more about you.


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