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Rashidat Owe

Rashidat Owe is a multi-faceted fitness professional on a mission to inspire others. As a fitness model, figure competitor and owner of an outdoor gym, her mantra is “create new, destroy old.” Much of this journey started with her own transformation, when she battled with weight and an unhealthy body. Three years later, she is living her dream and using her personal triumphs to motivate others to take control of their health, just like she did. Read our interview with Rashidat on life as a fitness professional, her future plans and how she maintains her physique.

BFT: Tell us a little bit about your personal fitness journey and how you got to where you are now.

RO: My fitness journey started in 2010 after I stepped on the scale at 222 pounds – and that wasn’t my heaviest weight! Like many, I was tired of being unhealthy and overweight, so I went to the gym and hired a trainer. My trainer introduced me to bodybuilding and I fell in love! I competed in a Figure competition nine months later and 60lbs lighter. The competition taught me the value of being self-disciplined and this trait has stayed with me ever since. I knew my personal journey had to be told so that it could encourage others to stay determined and disciplined. This is why I chose to train and coach individuals to live a healthier lifestyle.

BFT: What is the most rewarding aspect of being a personal trainer?

RO: Being able to give people the courage to want to change their lives!

BFT: How did you get into fitness modeling?

RO: I remember looking in the Oxygen magazines at all of the fitness models and I wished I could be as confident about my body as they were. So after my competition in 2010, I had photographers, artists and magazines coming from all over wanting to share my story and take pictures of me so I said, why not?! Here is my chance to be a “fitspiration” to someone like those girls in the magazine were to me.

BFT: When did you become a vegetarian and what affect has it had on your health?

RO: I began eating raw/vegan in March 2013. After constantly yo-yoing because I was never satisfied with the typical “American diet,” a friend of mine introduced me to eating raw/vegan and I went cold turkey. It has changed not only the way I feel mentally, but physically, I feel like I can move a mountain. I am more focused than ever, my energy soars and my body looks and feels amazing! Plus, I am not restricted and I live in abundance! I can eat as much as I want when I want and not have to be worried about portion control, calories and artificial products.

BFT: What foods keep you operating at your best?

RO: WATERMELON!! I love watermelon!

BFT: What is your current workout regimen?

RO: I currently run 2 or more miles 6-7 days a week, weight train 5 days a week and do high intensity interval training (HIIT) 5 days a week.

Rashidat Owe

BFT: Are you training for anything in particular?

RO: I am currently training for another figure competition as a vegan athlete.

BFT: How has fitness changed your life?

RO: I was in the real estate business for 11 years and worked hard. I never would have thought I would own a gym, a lifestyle brand and coach others to live a healthier lifestyle. It allowed me to retire early.

BFT: What keeps you motivated and how do you motivate others?

RO: It motivates me to see others change their lives through my help. I motivate through my personal success and drive!

Rashidat Owe CNDOBFT: How can people find out more about you?

RO: Facebook |

Instagram |

My lifestyle Brand CREATE NEW. DESTROY OLD. |

My gym Build Your Body Jungle Gym |

Ilen & Lauren Bell are the husband and wife team behind Black Fitness Today, born, in 2011, out of their motivation to change culture, build a platform and lead the charge. Their purpose is to help change the culture towards health and fitness in the African-American community, showcase those who are making an impact, and promote healthier living. They also aim to serve as a platform for African-American fitness and health professionals and enthusiasts who are otherwise overlooked in traditional fitness media.

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