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‘Westbrook Werk’ Taking Chicagoans To The Next Level



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Chicago’s Tommie Westbrook of ‘Westbrook Werk’ is using his knowledge, success and challenges in fitness to motivate others in the windy city to recognize their God-given potential.

Westbrook started off as a child with a love for sweets and snacks, but when his weight skyrocketed and shattered his confidence once in high school, he knew he needed to develop better habits and discipline that would not only improve his physique, but his character. He started the journey of exercise and eventually became a member of his football team.

During this time, Westbrook was able to realize not only the great physical feats he was capable of, but the internal ones as well. He performed so well as an athlete, he earned a scholarship to Illinois State University. “I was constantly being called to perform, which was good for my fitness level,” recalls Westbrook. But after graduating and not having to endure the rigor and demand he once endured, After graduation from college and not having the rigorous schedule, Westbrook started to go back into old habits. In 2014, he made the decision to get back into shape.

He told his close friend, LaRoyce Hawkins, who plays officer Kevin Atwater on NBC’s ‘Chicago P.D.’ about his new goals. After seeing the improvement, Hawkins decided to let Westbrook become his personal trainer. A few intense sessions later, he was a true believer in his training, and said “This workout, this is your work – Westbrook’s work.” From there, ‘Westbrook Werk’ was born.

tommie westbrook, westbrook werk, personal trainer, workout, Chicago

Photo: Mr. Patton

Training sessions at ‘Westbrook Werk’ are a combination of agility ladders, compound exercises and multi-functional movements, which helps clients build their body overall and operate better in everyday activities.

What makes ‘Westbrook Werk’ different from other training programs is found in its motto, “conditioning the mindset.” The greatest challenge is not in the healthy eating or staying consistent in the workouts, but in getting in the right frame of mind to make goals happen. Westbrook helps all his clients develop strong mental habits, as well as persistence in reaching their personal goals.

“When you work out with me, you can expect a two to three-year commitment,” says Westbrook. “You can reach a small goal in some months, but the ultimate goal is lifestyle change.”

One thing that has helped him through the journey of staying committed and maintaining his business is faith. “We are called to lead not for our own benefit, but for God’s sake,” Westbrook affirms. “The greatness in us comes from above.”

Westbrook takes the time to understand each client’s motivations and challenges in creating new lifestyle habits. He wants his clients to achieve permanent change, not a temporary one.

“I do not have a vanity approach to my training,” assures Westbrook. “This is bigger than looking good; it’s about being healthy and magnifying God in our actions. Our actions should reflect goodness, and the body is a temple, so it’s the first place you start.”

With all the momentum of Westbrook Werk, Westbrook still remains humble and recognizes the purpose behind his success.

“Every rep, every drop of sweat is a sacrifice to our Lord and Savior,” says Westbook. “With all my success, I give God all the glory.”


Find more about ‘Westbrook Werk’ on Instagram, @Westbrookwerk.

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Quinton R. Arthur is a student at Roosevelt University, pursing a Master of Science in Journalism. He contributes as a staff reporter to The Roosevelt Torch, the official newspaper of Roosevelt University; the Quemmunicator, the official publication of the Tenth District of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and to Progressive Greek, a publication that focuses on the lives and accomplishments of Black Greek-lettered organizations.

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Your Guide To Shopping For Produce

Find out what produce you should definitely buy organic, and what is okay to buy conventionally



It seems to be getting harder and harder to know what is being sold to us at the grocery store. We know that the beautiful, shiny produce is the most affordable but probably contains the highest amounts of wax, pesticides and other chemicals. However, organic can be a bit pricey and possibly unavailable, depending on where you have access to shop.

Did you know that the USDA found a total of 178 different pesticides and pesticide breakdown products on the thousands of produce samples it analyzed? The pesticides persisted on fruits and vegetables even when they were washed and, in some cases, peeled.

See what happens when you pour hot water on conventional apples. The chemicals literally melt! It’s important that we buy organic and if we cannot, at least wash our produce prior to consuming (Video: Laurline Eldemire Lawrence via Facebook):

Check out the most recent list of produce that you should preferably buy organic, known as the ‘Dirty Dozen,’ and which produce is safe to purchase conventionally, known as the ‘Clean Fifteen.’ While you may not find every produce item you like to eat on these lists, this is a great start!

fruit, vegetables, organic

Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen. Credit: EWG

Read the full report here:

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Angela Rye Set To Join BET For New Program

The cultural and political thought leader’s new series ‘Angela Rye’s State of the Union’ begins January 31st



Angela Rye, BET

It’s about time! We are excited to learn that Angela Rye, Principal and CEO of Impact Strategies, CNN political commentator and NPR political analyst, will be joining forces with BET to deliver a new program, launching this month.

Rye is set to host and executive produce the quarterly news show, which is poised to dig deep into issues and stories affecting black America.

“Working with BET always provides a reminder of why I began to do this work,” Rye said in a statement to Blavity. “It is essential that we have platforms where we can discuss our politics, our challenges, and our culture through our respective lenses. The upcoming special will provide a glimpse of what’s to come with our partnership.”

The first episode of the series is tentatively titled “Angela Rye’s State of the Union,” which will be a primetime rebuttal to President Trump’s State of the Union address airing Wednesday, January 31 at 10PM PT.

Read more on Blavity

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Gee Bryant A Force To Reckon With in the Fitness Industry

Atlanta’s Transformation Specialist Talks About His Road from Uncertainty to Becoming a Successful Businessman and Celebrity Trainer



gee bryant, ri28

Fitness expert, success coach and entrepreneur Gee Bryant has always been a hustler with a “MUST get it” attitude, and he’s walking in his purpose. He’s the brains behind the #1 online fitness program Results in 28 Days and owner of The Loft Atlanta, Phlexx Fitness and is CMO of Fitness Plane.

Gee says that he never had a “real” job and did whatever he could to make money. He tried multiple business ventures that eventually led him to become a personal trainer, as a way to work for himself while also staying active. Even though fitness was never cool where he’s from, Gee says he’s always been in his own lane. He has always recognized that he is unique and learned that by being a personal trainer he had a major impact on people. This hobby eventually transformed into a passion.

gee bryant

Growing up in Philly, Gee says there was a lot of pain – he used to reflect on it and let it consume him, but now he uses his pain to push him further.

“You can’t be a victim your whole life.”

In 2015, after starting to create buzz around his name as a personal trainer, Gee decided to move to Atlanta with just his car and clothes. He created boot camps, trainings, began marketing himself on social media and just doing anything to make money, to pay rent, and to NOT go back.

“If you ain’t willing to go crazy, then leave the entrepreneurship game.”

Gee created a business plan with the mindset, “I’m going ALL IN.” He started with, “How much money do I want to make? And, How many people do I need to help?” He also began reading books and focusing on personal development.

“As you expand, your mind has to expand as well.”

Gee had a plan and a goal, and decided to do anything he could to make it all come true. His efforts started to work so well that Gee had an overload of clients, which then gave him reason to open up his first gym.

During this time he was constantly growing his brand on social media and in the fitness profession, but knew he wouldn’t be able to fully execute his vision without the right help. So, he reached out to trainers to hire and assist in his gym.

“I’m a control freak, but I had to learn how to let go. It’s better to have someone who can do something 70%, than you trying to do it 100%. If you try to do everything you’ll burn yourself out.”

Gee began pushing online programs that he created on his own, recorded on YouTube and from that he started increasing his clientele. From there, he built his website.

“For this to go global, it has to be beyond me.”

It was then that Gee created the RI28 program. Gee says he makes his program different.

“I get their mind right. Your body won’t go where your mind won’t let it.”

Gee says his program is so effective because it’s easy to follow, he has the RI28 Facebook support group, it’s only a 28 day program, the meal plan and workouts are included, he has a team of like minded people behind him, and it’s SIMPLE.

ri28, gee bryant, joseline hernandez

The Loft Athletic Club opened in Atlanta, GA this year. Not only did Gee need a bigger space, but he says, “It was time.” Loft Atlanta is FOR Atlanta.

“I did it MY way, he says.” He never cheated the process, and changed and helped thousands of people do the same thing.

What he wants people to know is that they can do whatever they want, not become a product of their environment, and he wants his legacy to be a legacy of SERVICE.

Gee encourages other entrepreneurs to be obsessed and consistent about their brand and reminds us that small daily improvements = long term results.

2018 is here and there is so much more for Gee Bryant to accomplish. Make sure to follow him @geebryant and via his website to not only stay in the loop with what he’s up to next, but to get all the information on how to join any of his programs or find his facilities.

gee bryant

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