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How to Join the Content Earnings Program:

  1. Please login by selecting “Write Story” on the menu bar
  2. Select “My Dashboard” and then select “Edit My Profile”
  3. Complete profile and enter your PayPal email address in the appropriate field in your profile
    • A valid PayPal email address is required

Earning Money for Your Content:

  1. Black Fitness Today will place up to two (2) Google AdSense Ad Impression display ads in the Posts you create
  2. You will receive up to 70% of the AdSense revenue your content produces
    1. You will begin by earning 60% of the AdSense revenue your content produces
    2. Earn an additional 10% by referring two contributors to the Black Fitness Today Contributor Network
    3. Email us the name of your referrals at once your referrals have posted content to BFT and your percentage will be increased

To Submit Content:

  1. Please go to or click on “Write Story” on the menu bar
  2. Login using one of the social connect options (Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn)
  3. Choose one of submission options (story, video, social media embed, poll, etc.)
  4. Upload content
  5. Please complete your profile to include social media handles, bio and website link, if applicable.
    1. On the menu bar, select “My Dashboard” and then select “Edit My Profile”
    2. If not logged in, click “Write Story” and connect using your preferred social media account, and from the menu bar select “My Dashboard” and then select “Edit My Profile”

Ideas for Getting Traffic to Your Content

The more eyes that see your content the greater revenue you will earn

  • Promote/post your content on social media and encourage fans/followers to view your content on Black Fitness Today
  • Place links to your content and or your author URL ( in social media bios
  • Create Instagram or Facebook stories which allow you to place links and call to actions on the story
  • Try Facebook Live, Instagram Live and creating YouTube videos about your content
  • Advertise your content using social media advertising, such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.

Track your Content Earnings

  • Visit
  • Login if not already logged in
  • You will see every piece of content you have published on BFT and how much revenue each piece has earned

Request Payment

  • You may request payment once your combined content has generated a minimum of $50
  • Black Fitness Today will submit payment via PayPal to your email address on file

For more details on the Content Earnings Program, please review our Terms of Use page.