Cupid, Creator of the “Cupid Shuffle” is Back With New “CuRobiks” DVD

Cupid, Cupid Shuffle, CuRobicks

Everyone loves the “Cupid Shuffle,” “it don’t matter if you’re young or you’re old” the famous line dance brings smiles to faces and energy to any party. Cupid, the man behind the infectious line dance is back and on a mission to help people get fit with “CuRobiks.”

CuRobiks is a mixture of calisthenics, aerobics and line dancing led and instructed by award winning – multi platinum recording artist, Cupid. This explosive and addicting fun filled exercise method allows for a great full body workout while dancing yourself into shape. CuRobiks is offered in LIVE concert and on DVD allowing the experience to happen in the comfort of your own home.

The CuRobiks Fitness Concert Experience is the first workout routine led by a multi-platinum recording artist bringing you high-energy, fun filled aerobic line dancing. This 3 hour event offers a family atmosphere where anyone young or old can dance away calorie after calorie while line dancing to popular hit records that are suitable for ALL ages. Divided into 3 segments, you will have the opportunity to learn how to line dance, get a great workout, gain health awareness, and meet and greet national recording artist, Cupid. Via

Check out a highlight of people exercising and having fun doing CuRobiks!

Cupid also sat down recently with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss “CuRobiks,” and while he was there NewsOne Now staff joined in for a little “Cupid Shuffle” fun!

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