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Brown Rice: Make It Tasty, Make It Dirty!

Brown rice is better than white rice.  Research studies have shown that compared to white rice, brown rice may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, is richer in fiber and contains higher levels of magnesium which is linked to bone and heart health.  However, knowing the health benefits of brown rice does not necessarily [...]

Q&A with Acacia-TV Personal Trainer and International Group Fitness Instructor Deazie Gibson

Having earned a corporate communications degree, how did you get involved in the fitness industry? I grew up as an athlete; gymnastics, track and field, cheerleading and dance. So I have always been involved and had a natural gravitation to the fitness world one way or another whether it was teaching, working out, competing or [...]

Disconnect in order to Reconnect: How to live in a Hi-Tech, Low-Touch World

It’s not easy using our bodies the way God designed them because more and more of the world is not the way God designed it. Urban sprawl and new technological advances have literally transformed the way the earth looks and the way we interact with it. The further and further away we get from using [...]

Chef E-Dubble Turns Up The Heat In L.A.

  With notable celebrity clientele like Halle Berry, Kevin Hart, Game and Brandon Jennings just to name a few, it’s no secret that Edwin Charles Redway —- better known as Chef E-Dubble—continues to give the people what they want!  With his superb skills and serious commitment to customer service, Chef is truly becoming a household [...]

7 Fat-Burning Exercises You Need to Try Now!

In today’s society if you’re not doing more with less time then you’re doing it wrong. Convenience is the way of the land and has found its way into fitness and how people workout.  Due to busy schedules people are finding more excuses and making less time to workout.  That’s why I’ve brought you 7 [...]

‘The Fall of the Kings,’ Tackles Mental Health in the Black Community

The arts have emerged as a unique way of communicating health challenges and triumphs. True wellness is holistic, however, mental health has often been regarded as both a separate and uncomfortable subject, particularly in the African American community. Writer and Director, Mai Sennaar and Producer Walter Puryear are bringing an enticing new American drama with [...]

How NBA star Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Lost 68 Pounds

  By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS   Growing up in Louisiana, NBA star Glen “Big Baby” Davis developed a taste for his favorite meals of fried food, starches, no vegetables and powdered grape drinks. But a series of events in his 20s shook Davis into overhauling his diet: the deaths of his father and an [...]

Message From the Founders

It all started with an idea in a notebook in 2011. A desire to break the cycle of chronic disease and conditions in our own families, and see more platforms that actually represent us as African-Americans. There’s not a whole lot that separates us from you. We’re real people on a real, daily journey to [...]

Lamman Rucker’s Newest Leading Role Empowering Our Communities

There’s a calm and inviting demeanor about Lamman Rucker. Maybe that’s why he’s a force to reckon with in Hollywood right now. With new movies hitting theaters soon including “The Man in 3B” and “Service to Man,” fans are in for some of his best work yet. But he’s so much more than an actor. [...]

Gentria Lenoir Starts LA-Based Urban Juicery

Gentria’s passion for helping others developed during her teenage years. Growing up in the underserved community of South Central L.A., but attending school in wealth filled neighborhoods such as the Palisades opened her eyes to the differences money can make when it comes to health, fitness and a community’s general well-being. Even then, Gentria felt [...]