Disconnect in order to Reconnect: How to live in a Hi-Tech, Low-Touch World

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It’s not easy using our bodies the way God designed them because more and more of the world is not the way God designed it. Urban sprawl and new technological advances have literally transformed the way the earth looks and the way we interact with it. The further and further away we get from using the planet the way it was designed to be used the closer and closer we get to not being able to use our bodies the way they were designed to be used.

God created us to move and be engaged in the world. He didn’t create us to become slaves to our own creations and abandon the activities that edify our temples for the sake  of convenience. In today’s society we have reduced our physical interaction with the world to as little as possible. Our incidental fitness opportunities diminish with
each new gadget or gizmo that hits the market with the intention of “saving time & energy”. Office worker no longer visit each others desk for information or conversation, they email or text. We very seldom take stairs anymore if elevators or escalators are close by. We drive everywhere, even if walking is a feasible option.

The most effective way to reconnect to your natural self is to disconnect from the artificial technology and begin to interact with the physical world around you once again. When I was a kid it was a form of punishment if I wasn’t able to go outside and play! For the modern child, the exact opposite is the case, going outside to play and socialize with friends is a form of punishment when all they want to do is stay inside and watch tv, play video games, or surf the net.

Start to incorporate more outside time into your daily routine. A simple walk around the block, park, or office complex can not only reduce stress but also create a clear mental environment where creativity and imagination can flourish to solve problems and create solutions to pressing issues. Fuel your  body with proper nutrition and develop fitness into a habit, not a hobby, and watch God add a Supernatural Blessing to your natural efforts. Rediscover the beauty, magnificence, and healing properties of reconnecting with nature and watch your mind, body and soul respond in a most beautiful way!


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Written by Jay Jones

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Jay Jones is a Fitness Minister & Certified Peak Performance Coach whose motto is "A mental transformation leads to a conscious restoration and finally a physical activation of your most successful self."
Jay puts this philosophy to practice everyday as Inspiration and Owner of Jay Jones INI (Inspiration Not Intimidation) Peak Performance Coaching.
Jay is an all-around athlete and was a standout football player at the quarterback position until his career was cut short by a broken neck.
The subsequent physical rehabilitation as well as the mental and spiritual awakening a "near death" experience often creates... inspired Jay Jones to utilize his unique gifts to build healthier bodies and minds for people across the world.

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