Dr. Phoenyx Shares Why You Should Consider Cardio Before Breakfast

Dr. Phoenyx - Fasted Cardio

Hey guys, it’s Dr. Phoenyx and today I’m stopping in to talk about a hot fitness topic that I’m sure quite a few of you have heard of− especially if you’re one to regularly read fitness articles and tips on how to burn fat faster.

The topic I’m referring to is fasted cardio. What’s fasted cardio? Well, the premise behind the whole fasted cardio protocol is that if you get up first thing in the morning and exercise before downing your usual breakfast, you’ll end up burning more calories and more fat than if you trained after eating. Interesting, huh? Have you considered incorporating fasted cardio into your daily training? Would like to know if fasted cardio really is a more efficient way to burn fat faster?

Check out my video to get the skinny on fasted cardio, and feel free to leave any questions/comments on my YouTube video. I’m also frequently dishing fitness advice on my website, FacebookTwitterand Instagram, so feel free to follow and hit me up there too.

Later!− Doc

Dr. Phoenyx Austin is a physician, fitness expert, creator of advanced nutritional supplements BeautyElite & BodyElite and the #1 bestselling author of If You Love It, It Will Grow, And That’s Why You’re Fat: Health & Fitness Mistakes to Stop Making. Dr. Phoenyx’s passion is fitness and her goal is to help others achieve their best bodies. For tons more fitness tips and inspiration, check out her website.

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