Dwyane Wade Shows Off New Diet Progress

NBA superstar Dwyane Wade recently took to social media, posting a progress photo of a new nutrition regimen he’s on. Based on the comment he posted, it is clear to see that even for professional athletes, it can be a challenge to maintain the discipline necessary to be an elite player not just on, but off the court or field.

Setting goals for myself. Started this a month ago. To the left is before.. To the right is now..#tryingtogetsexy #thisdietiskickingmybutt

Dwayne Wade, D.Wade, Miami Heat, Abs, Instagram
Photo Courtesy of @dwyanewade – Instagram

What are your thoughts? Now that LeBron James has left the Heat to return home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, could this be a call-to-action for Wade to return to the role of team leader? Could he be feeling the pressure to get back in the best shape he can? Regardless of his reasons, it’s great to see that he is committed to maintaining a great physique – even in the off-season.


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