Food – What’s Really “Real?”

real food

With heavy advertising and false claims in the food industry, “real” food is becoming increasingly difficult to find.  Let’s learn the facts about what’s real and what’s not.

Looks can be deceiving.   The wool has been pulled over our eyes so much that we find it hard to believe that this can be so. Even a bag of conventionally grown potatoes is more than likely a genetically engineered product.

What about the word “healthy?” 

This term is so often and carelessly attached to healthful looking foods to make us believe that we are making the right decision when in reality, the word “healthy” has such a broad interpretation that it’s not distinctly defined.  Does healthy mean nutritious? Low calorie? Low fat? Low carbs? High protein? High fiber? Low sodium?  Does it mean that by eating a product labeled healthy you will be healthy?  It’s hard to say, but not likely. The reality is that most of the food available to us today is highly processed, full of additives, loaded with salt, sugar and fat, genetically modified and/or color altered with a sign, label or sticker that makes a claim that is often contrary to what it actually is so that we are lured in and deceived into thinking we are making the right decisions.

So what’s the real deal?  Real food is living food and living food promotes life … it’s as simple as that.  Real food does not live in a box, it isn’t weighed down or killed in the deep fryer, and it has the potential to heal, energize, and stabilize life!  Real food can grow all on its own without the help of genetic modifications.  There’s no need to add any coloring to embellish the appearance of real food because by design its color is already appetizing.  Real food doesn’t have long shelf life either, because it is intended to be consumed quickly and often.  Real food can grow on its own and promotes harmony within the body.  Don’t be fooled by the marketing, fancy packaging and false claims, stick to what’s real.  Eat real … for life!

Written by Sha'Da Taylor

Profile photo of Sha'Da Taylor

Sha'Da is woman on a mission to empower, educate, and help others live healthy, fit and strong lives. Her faith in God is the forefront of this mission and she is dedicated to helping others prevent and fight back against lifestyle related diseases especially when it comes to the health of our Christian leaders. Sha'Da is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and holds a bachelors degree in Exercise Science. She is also a liturgical dancer and minister and has made it her passion to do her part in helping others improve their quality of life by achieving optimal health through fitness, nutrition and faith.

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