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From Football to Fitness: Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Minister Jay Jones



“A mental transformation leads to a conscious restoration and finally a physical activation of your most successful self.” This motto, created by Fitness Minister and Certified Peak Performance Coach Jay Jones is all about changing your mindset to overcome any obstacle you face. Jones knows all about what it means to overcome obstacles to achieve his best self. As a standout high school quarterback, Jones’ dream of playing at the next level was cut short when he broke his neck during a game. His passion and his identity rested in football and his newest challenge was to re-create himself. Rehab not only renewed his body, but his spirit, through fitness. Now, Jones uses this new passion to change lives physically, mentally and spiritually.

BFT: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jay Jones: Well, I am originally Savannah, Georgia. I played football from about the age of six. But at 17, I broke my neck during a game. I was a relatively good football player and any relatively good football player probably dreams about becoming a professional athlete. When I broke my neck, that dream was shattered and I kind of had to regroup and re-create the same excitement again that I had on the football field elsewhere. So I started acting and I carried that into college [Morehouse College], which was wonderful because I was able to gather a lot of information and education in regards to you know not only scholastic but as far as the importance of the role of the black man in society. So God has a tremendous way of doing what he has to do to get us where he designed us to be.

BFT: How did you go from the catastrophic event of breaking your neck to creating a career in fitness?

Jay Jones: After I got hurt I had to rehabilitate. They took some bones out of both my hips and they fused them with the broken bone in my neck. During the healing process I had to learn to walk all over again and I was introduced to the physioballs, resistance bands and things like that which I still use to this very day with my training practice. So, it really gave me a great understanding of the human body and a much greater passion for taking care of myself.

As I got older and I met my wife, we moved to California from New York where we were worked in theater, which was primarily where we made a living but she wanted to transition into film and TV so we moved to California in 2005. I just really didn’t transition well so I started consistently working out at the YMCA in North Hollywood, California. As I worked out other people kind of saw my training methods and they asked questions and ultimately this serendipitously happened that the YMCA was hiring personal trainers. It was crazy because I’d never ever in my life entertained even going into that field but all along in my life’s path I’d been sort of groomed and set up to be right where I was. So, needless to say I applied for the job, got the job and I went on to be certified through NESTA and started a career.

BFT: Let’s talk about your motto: “A mental transformation leads to a conscious restoration and finally a physical activation of your most successful self.” Can you explain the meaning?

Jay Jones: It’s somewhat of a mouth full but it’s designed to be. My wife and I thought about this for a while but the foundation of it all is a mental transformation. The Bible [Romans 12:2] says “be transformed by the renewal of your mind” so the mental transformation is the foundation of any change. You have to change the way you think. And when you change the way you think, it will lead to a physical activation because once your mind gets right and your consciousness is restored then you’re able to do something physically about your circumstances and situations, whatever they may be. You become aware of what you need to do, what you need to eat and what you need to do in life to maximize your most successful self.

Hit the next page to learn about the mental obstacles Jay had to overcome during his physical rehabilitation, and what it’s like watching his wife on popular shows like Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong and ABCs How To Get Away With Murder!

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