From Over 450 to 247 Pounds – Clarence W. Gained Control of His Life and Became an Inspiration To Family and Friends

Clarence Wells

I’ve always been a big person all of my life. I didn’t really follow any type of diet or have the knowledge about losing weight growing up as a kid. Being a kid and dealing with kids being certain ways, saying certain things and being treated badly because of my weight was very hard. I reached my heaviest weight in 2008 — weighing over 450lbs at 6’1, dealing with high blood pressure, risking the chance of diabetes and losing my life due to obesity. I started working out and lost a few pounds here and there but nothing drastic.

In April 2011, I decided to take it to the next level and started a program called ‘Insanity’ by Shaun T — I’m sure you heard of it, it’s a 60-day program with aggressive and high intensity interval workouts getting your heart and cardio up to the max. When I started this program it was very difficult for me to do some of the routines but after several weeks turned months, results started to show and I started to notice the changes in myself and became very satisfied and happy. I became so dedicated and determined that I would work out at least 7 days a week and it took me over a year to get down to a decent size.

I use to wear size 60 pants, 6x t-shirts and had to shop at big and tall stores — there was a point in time in my life when I was so heavy that I was literally breaking chairs, was unable to fit into certain places, didn’t feel comfortable going out and most of all I was unable to keep up with my kids and their high energy. Now, over a year-and-a-half later, I can officially say that I am weighing in at 247lbs at 6’1 with a clean bill of health, normal blood pressure and cholesterol. I don’t even remember EVER weighing 240lbs!! It feels good to go into any store and purchase clothing off the rack and be very confident in myself. Still to this day I do the Insanity program, along with new programs, for example T25, HipHopAbs and P90X – I’ve also became part of the Beachbody team, which promotes healthy living and motivation to eat right and live right. I was even invited to attend the Summit next year where I can actually meet all the trainers that put all these workouts on DVD’s – I’ll get to meet Shaun T (Insanity), Tony Horton (P90X) and many other major trainers!

Clarence Wells Insanity

I also have created my own group called “Team Defining Your Life.” I am able to run marathon’s — 5k’s and 10k races and compete in certain events where my weight is not in my way. My next event I hope to start training for is the SPARTAN RACE. When I see family and friends and church members they ask me “how did you do it?” and “how can I get to where you are?” — someone told me that I am a walking success story, and it took me a moment to accept that, but it is true, my journey has been a long one, but far from over.

After coming down from weighing over 450lbs down to 247lbs, I have about 30 to 35lbs worth lot of extra loose skin located in my abdomen and chest area that I can’t get rid of — my primary doctor told me that NO matter what type of exercise or diet I continue to do, the loose skin will remain unless surgically removed.

Once my procedure is finished I want to become certified as a personal trainer and really reach out to people I know; my friends, church members, family and even young kids because they have it bad these days. Everywhere I go now people know who I am and see that I live a healthy lifestyle and want to be apart of that.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my story, and if your able to donate towards my Abdminoplasty and male chest reconstructive/contouring, I really appreciate it, if you’re NOT in the position to, I totally understand and I still thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.

To learn more about Clarence’s surgical procedures and find out how you can donate, visit his GoFundMe page.

You can also find him on Facebook, email him at or connect with him on Instagram @HIPJAZZ.

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