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How NBA star Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Lost 68 Pounds



Glen "Big Baby" Davis, healthy eating, cooking, recipes



big baby glen davis, healthy dishes, NBA

Growing up in Louisiana, NBA star Glen “Big Baby” Davis developed a taste for his favorite meals of fried food, starches, no vegetables and powdered grape drinks.

But a series of events in his 20s shook Davis into overhauling his diet: the deaths of his father and an uncle from heart attacks; a broken foot that temporarily limited his physical activity; and the birth of his first child, Amari.

“That’s when it really dawned on me like, OK, you need to stop procrastinating,” said Davis, a power forward with the Los Angeles Clippers. “I really had to make changes to break the cycle, and also to stay relevant in my career.”

He began cutting portion sizes, increasing lean proteins and eliminating fried foods, losing a total of 68 pounds and dramatically increasing his energy level.

Now, at age 29, Davis is using his star power to spread the word about the importance of healthy eating to prevent heart disease.

On his website,, he has launched three episodes of “Big Baby TV,” videos under eight minutes long apiece that show him cooking favorite recipes such as Asian-glazed drumsticks and gluten-free pancakes while discussing how he has learned to balance his love of food with a healthy lifestyle. (His recipe for Asian-glazed drumsticks can be found on the website.)

“I want to create fun, exciting, healthy ways to teach about food that people my age would love to eat,” Davis said.

Davis was always big for his age — so big he was put with 12-year-olds to play football when he was 9. That’s how the nickname “Big Baby” came about: When the older kids would pick on him, he’d cry, and a coach chided him for being a “big baby.”

Glen-Davis-on-court-682x1024As he began to show his prowess in basketball, the name became endearing — ever more so as he became a standout at Louisiana State University and then made it to the NBA, first with the Boston Celtics, then the Orlando Magic and now the Clippers.

But with his father’s death at 57 and his increased knowledge about his genes — diabetes also runs in his family — Davis experienced an awakening of sorts. At one point, he had reached a peak weight of 360 pounds on his 6-foot-9 frame.

“I think about where I’m from and all the people that are suffering from [heart disease], young men who are suffering from it, and people don’t really talk about it,” Davis said.

He began to focus on putting nutritious food into his body and set out to learn how to prepare healthy meals, hiring a personal chef to teach him. In the process, he discovered he had a true passion for cooking.

Now he can make delicious recipes such as butternut squash pasta with spicy Italian sausage. Between meals he now forgoes empty calories for simple and healthier snacks.

This off-season, Davis is working on three new episodes of Big Baby TV while also promoting healthy eating and literacy to children with his annual “Booking It With Baby” tour in Baton Rouge, which includes readings and other appearances.

His main message, to children and adults alike, is this: “Life is hard, and sometimes you’re dealt problems. The fact that you have the control to break the cycle, you have to prepare yourself and undertake the challenge.”


Photos courtesy of C.Luxe Brand Management

Ilen & Lauren Bell are the husband and wife team behind Black Fitness Today, born, in 2011, out of their motivation to change culture, build a platform and lead the charge. Their purpose is to help change the culture towards health and fitness in the African-American community, showcase those who are making an impact, and promote healthier living. They also aim to serve as a platform for African-American fitness and health professionals and enthusiasts who are otherwise overlooked in traditional fitness media.

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2Chainz Pretty Girls Fit Fest: Pretty Girls Like Trap Music



Atlanta’s Hottest Fitness Trainers Missy Mostrom, Stephanie LeBeau, DaShaun “Guru” Johnson & Lana Ector Whipped Over 200 Pretty Girls into Shape at Center Stage for the Release of 2Chainz “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” Album  

This past Thursday, June 15th over 200 of Atlanta’s prettiest girls showed up to the Loft at Center Stage in athletic gear for one reason…because they love trap music! Event attendees were excited and ready to sweat it out to 2Chainz new album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” with a few of Atlanta’s hottest fitness trainers and were surprised to receive an official “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” pink yoga mat which came in handy during the three 45-minute workout sessions.

Session 1 featured trainers Stephanie LeBeau and Missy Mostrom of VESTA who opened the night with kickboxing moves and rotational exercises that increased heartbeats and spirits. Then the Guru of Abs himself, Dashaun Johnson, took the stage for Session 2 and after a quick warm up he turned it up and took it off! Always one to focus on breathing during his workouts, you could hear the ladies calling out the numbers of their sets throughout the entire venue. To close out the night in Session 3, Lana Ector came to represent that Black Women Workout Too and showed all the pretty girls that a little twerking can be considered a workout too.

Throughout the evening attendees were able to relax in the Pretty Girls lounge wherein they previewed the “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” album and refreshed themselves with Propel Electrolyte Water.The next stop on the Trap Fitness tour will be….well you just have to stay tuned to find out.

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Fantasia’s ‘Journey to Fit’ – See the Exercises that Helped Refine Her Sexy



fantasia, black fitness today,

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Leading Online Retailer CEO Dishes on Best Swimwear For You and Trends for 2017



Elise Neal, Black Fitness Today, Yandy, Summer, Swimwear

We think it’s fair to assume that our January cover feature, Elise Neal, can rock anything and make it look awesome – especially swimwear. In fact, her black and white mod one-piece suit from Yandy sold out soon after our cover release. 

So, but what about the rest of us (lol)? The summer season is fast approaching, and we’re all working hard to get our bodies ready. However, no physique is the same, so what swimwear works best for different body types? What are the hottest trends we can also look for? 

Black Fitness Today chatted with Yandy CEO Thom Brodeur to answer these questions and more. Beginning as a small, start-up business in 2005, has become the leading online retailer of sexy women’s specialty apparel. offers thousands of stylish items in everyday intimates, lingerie, swimwear and costumes for millions of women around the world, of all shapes and sizes. 

Thom, how is Yandy making a splash in the world of fashion?

Yandy’s goal is to make our mark by transforming the business from a marketplace of 10s of thousands of SKUs across a dozen+ categories to a fashion brand with a sharp eye for on-trend, fashion forward design, quality construction and materials, and the right fit for real women. Our objective is to provide a wide-but-manageable variety of sexy lingerie, everyday intimates (bra & panty), swimwear, active and loungewear to every woman in every shape, size and ethnicity all underscored by our core mission…to help every woman find and own her own brand of sexy.

The brand’s mission is to help every woman discover or re-discover her own brand of sexy. Whether a celebrity like Elise Neal or an everyday woman, how does Yandy swimwear cater to women of varying body types, and what styles/pieces are best for different body types (i.e., athletic, curvy, petite, etc.)? 
Our styles were designed with a wide range of tastes and requirements in mind. Our sporty high neck styles accentuate an athletic physique. Our sexy one piece suits with high cut legs look great on a petite frame, and our high waisted silhouettes hug a curvier figure in all the right places. If you saw the Yandy Swim 2017 Collection that debuted recently at New York Fashion Week; you would have seen models ranging from 5’7 to 6’, size 0 and up, body types from athletic to curvy and full figured, and a range in ethnicities to represent our perspective on what sexy swim is… on a global level. The ideal woman’s look, figure, shape and size is different any and everywhere in the world you go. Yandy wants to continue to bring more of that to the forefront.

summer, swimwear, Yandy, Black Fitness Today, Elise Neal

What are the biggest trends in swimwear for summer 2017?
We’ve designed and put a lot of high necklines, long sleeves, high cut hips, low plunging necklines, chic off-the-shoulder looks and high waisted styles into our latest swim collection, and so far, have seen very favorable customer response. We’re excited for swim season to kick into full gear. It’s always great to let the market pick your winners, and then refine your design efforts for future cycles based on real customer feedback.

The suit worn by Elise Neal on our Jan. cover was immediately highly sought after. What can a buyer expect when they receive their Yandy swimwear? 
Yandy customers can expect sophisticated, on-trend swimwear with unrivaled fit and quality, that when worn, will make them feel confident and sexy. 

Browse Yandy’s vast array of swimwear and specialty apparel, and keep up with the brand: 

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