How Spike TV’s New Co-Judge, Obi Obadike, Is Finding the Next Fitness Phenomenon On Sweat Inc.

Obi Obadike, Sweat Inc, Spike TV
Photo credit: Noel Daganta
Obi Obadike, Sweat Inc, Spike TV
Photo credit: Noel Daganta

What can you say about a man who has literally succeeded at everything he put his mind to? Obi Obadike has been taking the fitness industry by storm over the last few years. From magazine covers to the big screen and everything in between, nothing has slowed this man down. Obi has touched more lives in his career in the fitness industry than most people could imagine in a lifetime. His work ethic is unlike anything I’ve seen. While most people would sit back and look at their accomplishments, Obi is constantly looking for the next big thing to get his hands on and change lives. He is truly one of the best at what he does and earning his spot on Spike TV’s newest show, Sweat Inc., is truly fitting. Find out all about Sweat Inc., and why it’s one of the hottest new shows on TV.

Can you tell us a little bit about the show?

Sweat Inc. is about finding America’s biggest fitness phenomenon and our job as judges is to evaluate and critique 27 fitness entrepreneurs on their workout concept and decide who will be the next big thing. Each entrepreneur is put to certain competition challenges and they have to try to win that challenge every round. Each week an someone is eliminated based on how well they do in each competitive challenge.


How did this opportunity come about for you?

I received an email back in March from one of the production coordinators from 3 Ball Productions, who felt I would be a great judge on the TV show, and within two days I came in for an interview. Within a month and a half after the interview, I found out I got the gig.

How long was the process in the works before a date was set to premiere the show on October 20th?

We started shooting the show near the end of June, and in August, I was told of the premiere date of the new show.

Obi Obadike, Sweat Inc, Spike TV
Courtesy of Spike TV

How excited were you to work with Jillian Michaels and Randy Hetrick?

You are talking about working with the best of the best in the business. Jillian Michaels is arguably the biggest fitness personality in the world, and Randy Hetrick is one of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs in the country as the founder and CEO of TRX. To be able work alongside some of the most successful people in the fitness industry is a real honor.

Everyone has an idea in their head about “the next big thing” in the fitness industry. What will it take for the contestants to blow you away?

The contestants need to come to the table with a workout that is innovative, unique, effectiveness and has great mass appeal with great profitability potential. If it has none of that it would be very difficult for us to consider it the next big fitness thing in the industry.

What’s missing right now in the fitness industry in your opinion?

I think what is missing is people making consistent claims with what their product can do. Too many people make false and misleading claims to appeal to the consumer to buy their product, and don’t care if they are bamboozling the consumer. Our job on this show is to weed out those type of fitness entrepreneurs who want to go down that route. With this show, we are hoping we can change the industry for the better in terms of making sure we don’t push through anybody that is asserting some misleading claim about their product that isn’t consistent with its effectiveness.

Obi Obadike, Sweat Inc, Spike TV
Courtesy of Spike TV

What do you hope viewers take away from the show?

My hope is they are able to learn about science of an effective workout program and understand how tough it is to make it in the fitness industry as an entrepreneur. And, to also understand how much these entrepreneurs are sacrificing to be associated with this TV show.

Is there anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank to button up the interview?

I want to thank Matt Weik from MET-Rx for writing this story and I want to thank Ilen and Lauren from Black Fitness Today Magazine for giving me this opportunity to be on their cover with a cover story. I also want to thank Spike TV for giving me an opportunity to be associated with their new show, Sweat Inc.

Written by Matt Weik

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Matt Weik is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer, and sports nutritionist. He has a degree in Kinesiology and Business. Matt currently works for MET-Rx where he manages the Team Sports division. He works with collegiate and professional teams/athletes across the United States to ensure they get the proper nutrients needed to perform at the highest level. Find out more at

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