How To Increase Your Energy Levels During Low Carb Dieting

Obi Obadike
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Obi Obadike
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Dieting is never easy and the worst part about it is limiting your carbs, which is difficult for most people whether they are fitness enthusiasts or not. Who wants to be a walking zombie with no energy because they are on some crazy extreme low carb diet? There is no pleasure or enjoyment in feeling like you are about to fall asleep or feeling weak throughout the day because you are not eating enough daily carbohydrates.

According to the American Dietetic Association, it is recommended to consume at least 130 grams of carbs per day. This amount is recommended for your basic energy needs, which supplies the brain with enough glucose to function normally throughout the day.

If your daily intake of carbs is lower than the daily recommended amount when dieting you may experience very low energy levels, which will affect any daily physical activity you perform. The best way increase those energy levels while on a low carb diet is to increase your daily fat and protein intake to compensate for a lack of energy.

If you are consuming ratios of 40 percent protein and 20 percent fat per day, you may want to increase that to 50 percent protein and 30 percent fat to help increase your energy levels. Typically with most of my clients, if they are experiencing low energy, I will increase their daily fats and proteins by 20 percent, and with that I’ve noticed a positive difference.

I also have my clients take the following vitamins to increase their energy levels – B-12 and Magnesium, and instruct them to drink a cup or two a day of green tea or coffee which also really enhances their energy levels and provides a boost of energy when weight training or performing cardio.

All of these implementations, collectively, will help to increase your energy tremendously on any low carb diet. I am a huge advocate for sensible low carb diets, not extreme, if your goal is to lose a high amount of fat on your body, because I believe you can achieve optimal fat loss results much quicker than any other type of unique diet out there.

My definition of a low carb diet is when most or all of your carbs come from just vegetables only throughout the day. Personally, when I am consuming less than 100 grams of carbs per day is when it really starts to affect me physically in terms of my energy levels and at times, it affects my performance levels when I am training. So, it is imperative that I increase my daily dose vitamins and increase my fat and protein intake when that happens.

It is very important to know that extreme low carb diets are very dangerous and hazardous to your health especially if you are on them for too long. One of the end results is that it can permanently damage your metabolism.

Again, here are the following things you should increase or consume daily to improve energy levels while on a low carb diet:

  • Daily Vitamin B-12
  • Daily Magnesium
  • Drink coffee or green tea – 1-2 cups per day
  • Increase daily fats by 20%
  • Increase daily proteins by 20 %

Obi Obadike

Written by Obi Obadike

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Obi is a Celebrity Trainer to celebrities such as Actor- Morris Chestnut, Sports host- Stephen A Smith and many others. He is also an Endorsed Spokes model, Motivational Speaker, Fitness Expert/Writer/Author and Fitness Personality as well as on-Camera host who has graced over 40 fitness magazine covers and written more than 150 articles over the past 5 years and making him one of today's most successful fitness experts and fitness personalities. He was named writer of the year for the largest fitness site in the world in in Dec of 2012. He is one of the most published fitness experts and fitness personalities over the past 5 years. Obi also has an online personal training business called Perfect Anatomy personal training with a mission to help people become more fit and healthy in their respective lives.

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