Jehina Malik Becomes First “Vegan Since Birth” To Earn IFBB Pro Card

Jenhina Malik

Jehina Malik recently made history in becoming the FIRST ever Vegan since birth IFBB Pro.  

I wanted to be the FIRST vegan since birth to break that stereotype and become Pro in the NPC!! So never give up, never listen to naysayers, do what you want to do! You can ACHIEVE anything as long as YOU believe! 

I’m truly blessed! I followed my dream and it came true, don’t ever, ever ever give up or allow someone to tell you something is impossible or that your dreams won’t become reality! Take that ammunition and work hard and prove them wrong! I’m really still taking it in, that me this once skinny girl that’s been vegan since birth proved to the world it could be possible to build muscle, to be a bodybuilding competitor and more importantly become an IFBB Pro! Who would have ever imagined, thank you to all that believed I could NOT achieve this yup I did go ahead and made history! Again I thank all my family, my coach, my real friends and fans! So I was gonna retire if this day of becoming a Pro came true but now I have another goal, it’s to be on the Olympia stage! Some may say that’s far-fetched, well so was me attaining an IFBB Pro card! I have more to prove and more records to make! Via

Such a huge accomplishment and display of grit and determination. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Ilen Bell is a certified fitness professional and co-founder of Black Fitness Today. His passion for community advocacy, producing relevant stories and providing tools and resources that cater to the underserved African American community remain at the forefront. His credentials include advanced education in exercise science and internet marketing, the fitness industry highly-respected certified strength and conditioning specialist certification, and multiple web fitness series on top websites and He is focused on further building explosive, dynamic and approachable brands to help the African American man and woman feel empowered, valued and identified in the global health and fitness industry.

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