Love Yours – Moving Past Negative Body Image

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When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? Did you feel inadequate, ashamed, or even discouraged? Too often, social and traditional media outlets are using “fat shaming” — a bad, but effective tactic used to make overweight and obese people feel guilty about their physical appearance as a motivational tool to steer people towards a healthier lifestyle. Although meant to motivate, this tactic does more damage than good. It teaches people to feel less than, leading to negative body image and lack of self-esteem.

The influencing power of social outlets such as Instagram and Facebook have caused a ripple effect in the way being fit is defined. It is no longer viewed as the state of one’s overall health and well-being, but instead is increasingly being defined by mere aesthetics. Men and women posting pictures in bathing suits or shirtless with chiseled abs, bionic booties and toned arms, has become the stamp of approval for being healthy – as if many individuals don’t already struggle with comparing themselves to models, actresses, and singers seen on television, magazines, and social media.

The fitness journey is about defining yourself physically and mentally with the understanding that no one is the same! If you find themselves constantly looking at pictures longing for a replica body or have been victimized by fat shaming, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “perfect” body. Quit comparing yourself to people who have a ridiculous amount of time and resources invested in their bodies. Stay consistent with your workouts, eat properly, trust the process and above all…Love Yours.


Written by Javes Lewis

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Javes Lewis is a name that is familiar to many in the football world. As a former University of Oregon standout defensive back, Javes earned a full-athletic scholarship and went on to help lead the Ducks to the 2011 BCS National Championship. His goal is to now use the same skills that helped propel him to the highest levels in football to a new defensive unit in health and fitness by helping motivate and excite people about the benefits of living healthy and active lifestyles.

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