Meet BFT Contributor Dr. Phoenyx Austin

Dr. Phoenix Austin

Hi! I’m Dr. Phoenyx Austin- a physician, bestselling author, certified Sports Medicine Specialist, trainer and fitness consultant based in the Washington, DC area. I’ve had the incredible honor of being featured in countless major publications, as well as on networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, NewsOne Now and Radio One. People ask me all the time for advice in regards to fitness and wellness, and I must say that hands down, I believe exercise and nutrition is the ultimate medicine. In fact, I’m so passionate in my beliefs about fitness and wellness that, from a professional standpoint, I’ve built an awesome career totally centered on it. And when not at work, I also exercise daily, rotating between a variety of activities like rockclimbing, Crossfit, boxing, swimming, spinning, and strength training.

All in all, I live and breathe fitness, and I love sharing fitness advice with people who want to get in shape and take better care of themselves. The current statistic is that 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight or obese. And that’s so crazy and so sad to me. Just think about it: We are a nation that’s literally killing ourselves with crap food and lack of exercise. How does that sit with you? It doesn’t sit well with me and that’s why I’m here. So now I have to ask: Are you one of the 66% of Americans that’s struggling with your weight, and maybe even struggling with other weight-related health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure? If you are, I want you to listen up. This is no way to live! And it’s high time you took control of your life and responsibility your health. You can lose the weight and you can get in shape. And I truly want to help you achieve your goal of becoming fitter, stronger, healthier- and yes – sexier! But you must come ready to learn and ready to work. At the end of the day, you have to make the choice: Will you be your biggest motivator or your biggest obstacle? That said, the rules of engagement are very simple and breakdown like this: My job is to teach and your job is to work. And if we can keep this pace, I promise you, everything will fall in place. You will lose the weight, you will get in the best shape of your life, and you will feel awesome. And I will feel awesome for you!

And that’s the short and sweet of it guys. Basically, I’m a doc who believes that when it comes to fitness, you shouldn’t just talk about it, you should be about it! So from here on out I’ll be hanging up the white coat, trading in my heels for a pair of sneaks, and the next time you see me I’ll be suited up in my finest go-hard gear and droppin’ a bit of “get fit” knowledge! My passion is fitness and my goal is to help YOU achieve your best body! Now let’s get started!

− Dr. Phoenyx

Dr. Phoenyx Austin is a physician, fitness expert, creator of advanced nutritional supplements BeautyElite & BodyElite and the #1 bestselling author of If You Love It, It Will Grow, And That’s Why You’re Fat: Health & Fitness Mistakes to Stop Making. Dr. Phoenyx’s passion is fitness and her goal is to help others achieve their best bodies. For tons more fitness tips and inspiration, check out her website.

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