Naked Juice Covering Up After Lawsuit

LA Weekly

Not everything is what it seems, and that is certainly the case with Naked Juice. According to USA Today, after agreeing to pay $9 million to settle a lawsuit, PepsiCo can no longer label its juices “all natural” because it’s “added boost of vitamins” are actually genetically modified ingredients, which essentially makes their labels misleading. However, the FDA says it’s difficult to define a food product that is natural, since it has likely been processed and is no longer a “product of the earth.” While Naked Juice may not be inherently “bad” to consume, you are always better off making your own juices and fruit smoothies and not relying on packaged products!

If you are a fan of Naked Juice, will you continue to drink it or think twice before making a purchase next time around?


Photo Courtesy of LA Weekly

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