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Ramona Cadogan – Fitness Enthusiast & Raw Vegan



Ramona Cadogan, from West Hempstead, New York, is a science teacher, as well as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. Her fitness journey started at a young age. She stayed active through various styles of dance, but she maintained her healthy habits into her adult life.

But what may be most interesting in Ramona’s healthy way of life, is that she is a raw vegan, and is a part of a raw vegan fitness community. Read more about Ramona and her lifestyle!

Q. What is your current nutrition regimen?
As a raw vegan, I eat fruits, vegetables and some nuts/ seeds. I have a fruit smoothie for breakfast, but prior to that I drink lemon in water as a detox. Three hours later, I typically eat three mangoes, followed by five bananas three hours later, and a large salad of greens, sprouts, tomatoes, lemon, nori, seaweed ,goji berries, etc. I also drink water from a natural spring through the day. I became a raw vegan to protect animals and to try a different approach to eating. I will not turn back.

Q. What motivated you to pursue personal training and Pilates instruction?
I enjoy the benefits of a healthy mind, body and soul and would like to encourage others to do the same. I want to serve as a role model and help others get into shape.

Q. What is your current exercise/training regimen?
I work out in the morning to start out my day fresh and do yoga in the evenings to prepare me for the next day. I run three times per week, do circuit training three times per week, weight lift two to three times per week, and do yoga three to five times per week.

I have completed the Warrior Dash and Spartan Races. I like to push my fitness and health to greater levels, and races like these allow me to do that.


Q. What advice do you have for someone looking to begin a career in the health and fitness industry?
I advise people to get knowledge through practice and theory. Also learn from successful trainers on their methodologies and learn how they encourage clients to stick to their fitness programs.

Tell us more about your services and where you can be found.
I am located in West Hempstead, NY, and service individuals in the Nassau/Suffolk Counties as well as in Queens, Brooklyn and NYC. I am also available for on-line personal training for children all the way up to the elderly.

You can learn more about me here.


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Watch our recap of the 2018 Finding Ashley Stewart Finale Pink Carpet at the King’s Theater in Brooklyn, New York.



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Video: Ryen Watkins
@ryenwatkins (IG)

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Beginning Friday, June 29th – you’ll be able to enter to win a copy of Barris’ book! Stay tuned to our website, and Facebook and Instagram pages.

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