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Road to Competition: How Nadia Lost 80lbs and Overcame Depression to Become a Fitness Competitor



Nadia Before and After

Nadia Before and AfterMy name is Nadia Exama-Mwamuye and I’m a 29-year-old waitress from Boston, MA! I’ve recently lost over 75 lbs and am currently training for my first bikini competition which actually falls on my 30th birthday, November 9, 2013.

I’ve been overweight most of my life, since I was a child. I hit puberty and basically started ballooning from there. It didn’t help that I’m of Haitian descent and my mom loved making us the staples: rice and beans, fried chicken and pork, and fried plantains. I eventually learned how to make most of that myself and would eat until my heart’s content. I quickly got bigger and bigger but it wasn’t too much of a concern other than my mom giving me the side eye and saying I should try to lose weight—meanwhile she was also overweight, so I paid her no mind.

Through the years I tried every fad diet, pill and fitness craze you could think of—low carb, The Zone diet, different videos etc. I became obsessed with trying to lose weight. Some things worked but then as soon as I stopped, the weight came right back and then some! I wasn’t learning how to live a healthy lifestyle, I just wanted a quick fix.

In 2010 I hit rock bottom. I was over 205 lbs, lethargic, unmotivated and just lifeless. I spent most days in my basement apartment with my dog on the couch watching TV. I would only get up for work or on my off days, I would take my dog out and get the delivery. It got to the point where the delivery people knew me intimately!

Nadia and HusbandThen everything changed at the end of 2011. I met my now husband and found I had a reason to live again. I had been depressed for so long and alone and thinking that no one would want to be with someone like me and here he was accepting me the way I was. He never asked me to lose weight, he thought I was beautiful as is but for me I wanted to be the best me possible because that’s what I felt he deserved. I found my king and I needed to make myself a queen to match him.

I started my transformation by doing home workouts with videos by Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser. I then transitioned to TurboFire by Chalene Johnson, a 90 day DVD program that is dance and kickboxing oriented! I lost 30 lbs doing that. Eventually I was confident enough to enroll in a gym. With all my weight loss attempts throughout the years I knew what I needed to do in order to get healthy—I just had to put it to practice. I used Jamie Eason’s 12 week free trainer on to lose another 15 lbs., or so. Now I’m working with my fabulous coach, WBFF Figure Pro Tabitha Sierra, in preparation for my first bikini competition, the WBFF New England Show in Providence, RI on November 9th.

Nadia MarathonMy transformation hasn’t merely been physical! I love living a fit and healthy lifestyle. In addition to working out 5-6 times a week I run a road race every month. I am currently pursuing certification as a personal trainer so I can help others achieve their health and wellness goals. I am a Beachbody coach because I believe in TurboFire and the other products they offer. Some people aren’t comfortable in a gym setting and this offers them the opportunity to make a change at home at their own pace. In the future, I would also like to start a nonprofit organization that helps women and children in urban areas adapt a healthy and fit lifestyle!

I’m so grateful that I made this change in my life and my biggest message to people is always make small healthy changes and eventually it’ll lead to big results. You didn’t gain 50 lbs overnight so don’t expect to lose it overnight. It takes work and dedication but in the end it is so worth it!

Nadia Before and After

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Ilen & Lauren Bell are the husband and wife team behind Black Fitness Today, born, in 2011, out of their motivation to change culture, build a platform and lead the charge. Their purpose is to help change the culture towards health and fitness in the African-American community, showcase those who are making an impact, and promote healthier living. They also aim to serve as a platform for African-American fitness and health professionals and enthusiasts who are otherwise overlooked in traditional fitness media.

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Coach D: As A Man Thinketh



Join motivational speaker and trainer, Coach D as he encourages individuals to transform their thinking, stay inspired and create direction to make their goals a reality.

Coach D is not your average coach in Dallas. In fact, when he was 12 years old, he built his own weight set exemplifying his passion and love for fitness. From a young age through college, he saw sports as a way to create change within his life. Early on, Coach D not only had an outstanding work ethic, but he used his circumstances to develop his “make an excuse or make a way mentality.” Today, he uses this mindset of athletic distinction and excellence overall to inspire others. Despite facing many challenges and growing up in poverty, Coach D is now an accredited trainer and motivational speaker, where is has been able to motivate, produce, and train many people which includes, multiple NFL players, professional boxers and lacrosse players. Inspired to help create positive change in the world, Coach D brings his latest book, As A Man Thinketh: 30 Days To Jumpstarting Your Success.

“Jumpstarting your success in 30 days is possible, if you believe and push to make it happen. Your life is in your hands.” – Coach D 

In this ever-changing world full of triumphs and tribulations, advancements and distractions people are often searching within for their true purpose. Each person has a unique gift and divine calling on their life. However, it is difficult for individuals to delve deeper into what can be fully accomplished if the mind, body, and soul are not fully aligned. It is time to move pass just realizing your goals; it is time to surpass those goals.

“It is my main goal to be a mentor in everything I do,” says Coach D. “You have to be an example first. The key is to be purpose driven, because at the end of the day you have to have fulfillment which comes from your purpose.”

Coach D is a Dallas based author, mentor and motivational speaker. Inspired by his life’s journey, Coach D aims to motivate both men and women of all ages to embrace the challenges of life and take the leap into the next phase to jumpstart their success.

With his latest book, As A Man Thinketh: 30 days To Jumpstarting Your Success, he provides readers with a practical 30-day guide designed to help each individual reach their personal goals and aspirations. Through Coach D’s unique exhilarating style, his book depicts an inspirational journey for optimal self-analysis through the means of commitment and intrinsic motivation. Each day tackles different tasks and topics from surpassing obstacles and establishing a winning mindset to showing readers how to actively plan out their goals to achieve success in all circumstances.

“I love adversity. I don’t run from it. It makes you who are at the end of the day.” – Coach D

Coach D grew up in Fort Worth, Texas where is grandmother raised him. His mother gave birth to him at age 16, and later gave him up to his grandmother at two years old. With his mother out of the picture and his father in and out of prison, he sought guidance from his grandmother and found direction and father figures in his coaches. Regardless of the many challenges he faced growing up in the projects, he credits his mindset of “make an excuse or make a way” and his success to the lessons his grandmother taught him.

Coach D now uses his platform to further impact the lives around him as he travels speaking at events and mentoring anyone in need. He strives to change the environment around him by teaching the next generation core values and through divine principles. “My overall mission in life is to make an impact on society beyond the gym,” said Coach D.

Within the last few months, Coach D launched his 90 for 90 video series via social media. The series provides individuals with the unique opportunity to be motivated and inspired each day regardless of location or time constraints. For Coach D, the 90 for 90 series is a way of extending himself and his core values to those who are in need of guidance and motivation.

Every day, Coach D strives to use his gifts to create opportunities for others. Most recently, he founded two nonprofit organizations, Jacob and Sons and The P.A.K. Institute. Specifically, Jacob and Sons is a program designed to bridge the gap between fathers and sons to help build the bond of fatherhood in communities through various activities.

In the future, he plans to continue to publish inspirational books under the As a Man Thinketh series to help provide readers with daily guidance. Coach D is also set to release his autobiography and a series of children’s books in fall 2018.

“In this world of instant gratification, I will not promise instant change, but I will promise that if they follow the instructions that I’ve been given to give to them they will be different in some way,” says Coach D. “There is never a conclusion to our growth since life is always ever changing.”


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Hard Work Pays Off – Simeon Panda Buys Dream Car



About Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda is one of the most influential fitness professionals in the world. Owner of SP Aesthetics® Sportswear and Just Lift.®, he is a fitness entrepreneur who is featured on Forbes as one of the worlds top ten influencers for fitness. Simeon has immense popularity not just because of his amazing physique, but for his character and high standards in representing the sports fitness industry.

With a social media following in excess of 9 million, he is respected for many reasons amongst his fans and followers worldwide, not least because of his highly positive and motivational approach to everything he does.
He has competed in Musclemania® competitions worldwide, winning the European Championship in 2013 and earning himself Musclemania Pro® status.
He regularly judges physique, modelling and bodybuilding shows all over the world.

Simeon has hosted seminars and workshops around the world including the Mr Olympia Weekend. He has graced the front covers, written for and been featured in major fitness publications worldwide such as Muscle & Fitness, MuscleMag, Muscle-Insider, Train Mag, Muscle & Performance, Fitness RX to name a few. He has appeared live on Australia’s Number one national breakfast tv show ‘The Today Show,’ New Yorks most popular urban radio station ‘Hot 97,’ he has also hosted seminars in countries all over the world.

Credit: Simeon Panda

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Mike Rashid Talks Bossing Up

Ilen Bell, MS, CSCS, Co-Founder of Black Fitness Today



If you and your squad ain’t living the life you want yet… Tag your squad….

Credit: mikerashid

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