The Road to Competition – Sherry Smith


Q. What inspired you to become a fitness competitor?

A. After the birth of my daughter, I got serious about lifting weights but nothing was pushing me to really strive for my best. Leave it to my mom to be the catalyst. She will be competing in her first figure competition next month in the ‘Over 50’ division. Initially, she was on the fence about it. She had mentioned doing one a few times before and never followed through. I thought, “what better way to make sure she keeps at it and motivate her than to enter myself?” 

Q. What were some obstacles that you had to overcome on your journey to the stage?

A. The transition back into shape after I had my daughter. I didn’t have a huge weight gain, but I knew if I was going to get back to my pre-pregnancy body it would take work – REAL work…diet included.  That’s when I opened my Oxygen Magazine, not just for the workouts, but for the recipes. About three months after my daughter was born, I was back to my old self!

Q. Where did you find encouragement along the way?

A. I had been approached in the gym a few times and asked if I was a trainer, or if I compete, etc., and took that as a good sign. After researching the different classes and some of my favorite fitness all-stars, I decided my body is currently best suited for bikini. She was ecstatic at the idea of doing this sort of thing together. So I entered myself in the Tanji Johnson Classic, Bikini Division, in Vancouver, WA.  I got 3rd in my class in my first contest. I guess that’s a good sign!

Q. What is your biggest weakness when it comes to fitness?

A. I am TERRIBLE about sweets. None of this would have happened had I not cleaned up my diet, and stuck with an actual training plan. It showed me there is always room for improvement. The pictures don’t lie. It also inflicted me with competition fever.

Q. What types of workouts did you do leading up to your completion? Did you work with any trainers?

A.  I didn’t have a trainer. I consulted a friend of a friend on posing and state prep (i.e. spray tan?! Really? LOL), but the workouts were all mine from research. I have been reading quite a few workout magazines, and following some of my favorite competitors for years. I kept the lifting pretty heavy and threw in supersets for variation. Cardio was mainly high intensity interview training (HIIT).

Q. How did you diet change during competition prep?

A.  As far as diet I kept it simple.  Food would be protein/good carb/veggies for my meals, except dinner where I cut out the carbs.  I ate about every 2 ½ hours. I also had my protein shakes pre and post workout.  Closer to competition I cut down to only two, then one carb a day.

Q. Were you an active person before you began training for competition? What do you like most about training for competition?

A. Yes, during my time in the military, I exercised regularly and my ex-husband got me to start lifting weights. I loved what it did to my arms, so I kept with it. As far as training, I love it. I enjoy the discipline it takes to stick to clean eating, and being a source of motivation for my mom and many friends. 

Q. There are different ideals on what it means to be “in shape.” How do you assess your progress or measure your level of fitness?

A. I think the true measurement a great physique is, “what do you look like naked?”  I never looked bad, I just knew I could look better.

Q. This was your first show and you placed in the top three. That’s pretty impressive! How did you celebrate?

A. I DESTROYED about six donuts after the competition. [Laughs]

Q. So what’s next for you? Are you preparing for any upcoming shows?

A. I plan to compete again. Look for me at Nationals. The USAs in Vegas on July 26-27. It’s a pro qualifying event!  Just like my last show, no matter the outcome I know I will get the feedback I need to push myself even more and continue to go after the things in life that are only seemingly out of reach.

Q.  How can readers follow you and stay up to date with your training and upcoming fitness competitions?

A. Those who are interested can follow me on Facebook. (click here)


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