The Tongue Patch – New Extreme Weight Loss Technique That Won’t Let You Eat

Tongue Patch
The Huffington Post
Tongue Patch
The Huffington Post

Losing weight is America’s number one resolution every year. But how far would you go to shed a few pounds? The tongue patch is a new diet craze hitting the scene. The hard, plastic mesh patch is stitched to your tongue and will inflict pain when attempting to consume solid foods – a reminder to patient to stick to liquids!

The use of the tongue patch began in Latin America and was introduced to the U.S. in 2009. But is the $2,000, 10-minute procedure worth it? Patients have reported an average weight loss of 18-20 pounds in one month. ABC’s prime-time news magazine program 20/20 reported overweight female patients who had the tongue patch procedure in hopes of losing 20 pounds in 30 days. After one month, the two female patients lost a combined total of 41 pounds. After the patch was removed, patients were placed on a strict boot camp style diet for another month.

While weight loss is important to many people, rapid weight loss mechanisms can be harmful to the body and difficult to maintain long-term. In fact, it is probable that individuals will gain the weight back over time without consistent exercise and healthy eating. There are other side effects to rapid weight loss such as, muscle loss, loss of body heat production and gallbladder issues.

We do not suggest or support any fad diets such as this. But if you must, consult with your doctor beforehand. Do your research. Make sure you understand all possible health risks before trying it out.

You can lose weight safely just by making minor changes in your everyday life. Instead of extreme dieting, here are some alternatives to get your body fit in 2014:

  • Exercise five days a week for at least 30-45 minutes a day
  • Cut back on sodium, sugars and fats, often found in processed foods
  • Download apps that offer workouts and recipes, and track your progress
  • Encourage a friend or family member to workout with you
  • Give yourself a break and have a cheat day once a week
  • Find new and fun ways to work out like: yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, etc.
  • Connect with people who have similar goals
  • Stay focused by finding out what motivates you to be your best

Remember the most important thing is your health. Consistency and hard work yield not only results, but give you the greatest opportunity to develop lifelong healthy habits. Browse our website to find motivation, inspiration, healthy recipes, workout tips, and more!

Written by Brittany Delk

Profile photo of Brittany Delk

Brittany is a Black Fitness Today intern and a graduate journalism student at Columbia College Chicago. She completed her undergraduate studies at Hampton University, where she served as a staff writer for the NAACP Newsletter, co-editor of the newspaper and an intern for the television show, The View from HamptonU. She has also written for other publication on minority health and community events.

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