Transformation Story: Sabrina Jones

Meet Sabrina Jones, a current figure competitor. She is a former Marine who struggled with her weight while enlisted, but worked hard to overcome her barriers and is passionate about her new way of healthier living!

I was raised in the south and everyone knows what we do best – EAT! So naturally, I love good food. Growing up, my eating habits never affected me, until I started working at a fast food restaurant and immediately gained 30 pounds. But my journey started when a Marine Corps came recruiter to my job and encouraged me to join. However, I had to lose about 15 pounds before I could ship off to the Marines. I worked with him doing what I’m sure were a lot of unhealthy ways to drop weight. After losing some weight I was finally shipped off. When I got to boot camp I was immediately considered a “diet recruit,” meaning I was on the verge of being overweight. That was really embarrassing for me. Even after arriving at boot camp, I still wasn’t really in good enough shape and my excess weight was slowing me down. I failed my Initial Straight Test (IST) and was held back for two weeks. I graduated three-and-a-half months later and all through my Marine Corps career I struggled with my weight and and it made me almost hate being in the Marines.

People always say to me “oh that’s why your in really good shape you were a Marine.” But that’s not the case. My weight affected my physical training so I was put on the Body Composition Program (BCP) and my status as a Marine was pretty much shot. I got pregnant and had my daughter right before I got out and that made it even harder to lose the weight. Unfortunately, I did not reenlist. One afternoon while I was working out at the gym, a Marine suggested that I do figure competitions and I had no idea what that was. He gave me a lot of great information. I hired a competition coach and got really educated on what I needed to do. I lost 30 pounds in eight weeks and I competed in my first figure competition. I placed first and instantly fell in love. All my hard work has paid off. Now, this is a way of life for me and I’m never looking back!

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