Unraveling The Truth About Body Wraps


Everyone is wrapping up! You may have seen or heard about the popular trend of using body wraps to slim down body fat.  Body wraps work by increasing body heat in the targeted area causing you to sweat and lose water weight. Many people are posting pictures on social media, like Instagram, of wrapping their arms or stomachs to decrease cellulite. You can either go to your local spa and receive the body wrap treatment or purchase body wraps from different suppliers.

Cellulite wraps are one of the most popular, which are cold wraps designed to reduce cellulite in thighs, legs and butt.

But, before you decide to wrap up, does this actually work?

According to the Food and Drug Administration website, body wraps can be dangerous, especially if you are wrapping your body up tightly. After wearing a body wrap, you may notice that you have lost a few inches. However, it’s a temporary illusion of having a smaller waistline or stomach, which results in the body returning to its normal shape and size.  The wraps reduce water weight and do not remove fat or make dimples disappear. Body wraps are best if you want to temporarily slim your figure for an upcoming occasion like a wedding or vacation, but should only be used with the approval of a medical doctor.

If you really want to trim your body fat, the best ways are to reduced calorie intake and increased physical activity.  Did you know it takes a total of 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat? Don’t take the easy way out.

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Written by Brittany Delk

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Brittany is a Black Fitness Today intern and a graduate journalism student at Columbia College Chicago. She completed her undergraduate studies at Hampton University, where she served as a staff writer for the NAACP Newsletter, co-editor of the newspaper and an intern for the television show, The View from HamptonU. She has also written for other publication on minority health and community events.

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