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Pomegranates have up to three times the antioxidants of environment-friendly tea. The juice from pomegranates has actually been shown to lessen artery-clogging plaque, which  protects against cardiovascular disease. Study also show that regular consumption of pomegranate juice can assist in reducing signs of aging and safeguard the body against cancer cells.


Fish / Fish Oil

Consuming fish reduces the threat of heart illness, cancer cells, Alzheimer’s, joint inflammation, movement, and also diabetic issues. The American Heart Association advises that adults consume at the very least two fish dishes each week, specifically salmon, herring, and also sardines, due to the fact that those ranges supply the most heart-healthy Omega-3s.



Avocados have high amounts of healthy monounsaturated fat, which has actually been associated with decreasing the threat of cancer cells, heart problems, and diabetes. They’re packed with fiber (11 to 17 grams each fruit) as well as are a great source of lutein, an antioxidant great for eye and skin wellness.


Flax Seed

Flax seeds are packed with alpha-linolenic acid, a necessary fatty acid that decrease irritation in the body. The power seeds have been utilized for centuries for medical as well as health and wellness factors. Furthermore, they’re a fantastic source of fiber.


Red Wine

Alcohol gets a bad rap, but a glass of red wine daily boosts good cholesterol levels  (HDL) and also lowers the threat of blood clots.



Cabbage contains indoles, which have actually been revealed to decrease the threat of cancer cells considerably.



Filled with the effective antioxidants quercetin as well as catechin, apples shield cells from damage leads to a decreased threat of cancer cells, specifically if you consume the skin.



Used extensively throughout Asia, mushrooms help neutralize the hazardous impacts of radiation treatment while at the same time diminishing growths. Oriental analysts believe shiitake mushrooms reduces blood cholesterol degrees up to 45 percent.



Known for its anti-aging properties, blueberries are filled with antioxidants, particularly anthocyanins, which have actually been revealed to boost vision and also human brain function. These little berries additionally minimize swelling, which is totally related to practically every persistent illness from Alzheimer’s and also Parkinson’s, to diabetics issues as well as heart problems.


Dark Chocolate

Genuine cacao has flavonols, so look for delicious chocolate that flaunts a high percent of cacao (60 percent or additional). Dark delicious chocolate additionally has less calories compared to various other selections, and also when consumed in small amounts, it decreases undesirable LDL cholesterol levels as well as avoids oral plaque buildup from developing up in your canals.



Almonds are packed with fiber as well as monounsaturated fat, both which reduced cholesterol levels leading to a healthier heart.



Study reveals that garlic decreases overall cholesterol levels and protect against artery blockage. Entire baked garlic aids cleanse the physical body of hefty steels like mercury (from fish) and also cadmium.



In addition to consisting of all 9 vital amino acids, eggs are filled with nutrients. Some believe consuming egg yolks are dangerous because they contain cholesterol, however egg yolks have choline, which help heart, liver, and brain function.

Ilen Bell is a certified fitness professional and co-founder of Black Fitness Today. His passion for community advocacy, producing relevant stories and providing tools and resources that cater to the underserved African American community remain at the forefront. His credentials include advanced education in exercise science and internet marketing, the fitness industry highly-respected certified strength and conditioning specialist certification, and multiple web fitness series on top websites and He is focused on further building explosive, dynamic and approachable brands to help the African American man and woman feel empowered, valued and identified in the global health and fitness industry.

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Your WEIGHT ( 300 pounds ) multiply by 14. = ( 4,200 calories ) That will get you your TOTAL MAINTENANCE CALORIES.

Your MAINTENANCE CALORIE multiply by .25
4,200 calories x .25 = 1,050


Your MAINTENANCE CALORIE 4,200 subtract 1,050 = 3,150 calories.

3,150 would be your calorie goal

Depending on your workout intensity and job you can lower the deficit % the harder you work the more your body needs!
Now just plug in your weight and try it yourself !

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