What Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Model Nicole Chaplin Wants You To Know

Fitness enthusiast, master trainer, motivator and author Nicole Chaplin has built a long list of accomplishments such as being featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, VH-1, in print magazines like Fitness Rx for Women and served as an eight-time feature model for Oxygen Magazine. But she wants to share her love for fitness and help others achieve their goals too. Read our interview with Nicole and get insight into what life is like as a celebrity trainer, what advice she has for the BFT community, and how she came up with the concept for her new book Yes MAM! Your Muscle As a Motivator.

BFT: As a celebrity trainer you inspire many people through your accomplishments. What inspires you to stay progressive in your career?

Nicole Chaplin - Good Morning America

NC: What inspires me to stay progressive in regards to my career can be answered by saying “there is more to do”. When I look around my environment or individuals who do not have the same health status that I have, I yearn to do more to help. Its important for me to help as many people I can internally and externally so my drive comes from wanting to assist others as much as I can: spiritually, emotionally and physically.

BFT: What is the most rewarding aspect of being a trainer?

NC: The most rewarding aspect of being a trainer is when I am with a client and I can help them push beyond their limits. The smile they give me is priceless. When you believe in someone and they may not believe all the way in themselves, it is a divine feeling that they accomplish a goal that I knew they could all along.

BFT: Nutrition is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome for many. How do you stay focused? Do you allow yourself to enjoy your favorite foods?

NC: Nutrition I have to admit is a challenge for me at times because I enjoy eating but I constantly remind myself that balance is the key. I stay focused by keeping images of me in my magazine spreads in my phone so I remember how much effort it took me to develop the fitness modeling side of my career and every calorie/every meal counts so it disciplines me not to stray far from my balanced eating habits. I sure do allow myself to indulge in my favorite food – being cookies but not often. It’s a treat for me not a daily habit.

BFT: Is it a different experience training celebrities vs. non-celebrities?

NICOLE CHAPLIN - KETTLE BELL UP TRUNXNC: There is no difference to me training a celebrity client versus non-celebrities. All my clients are all stars to me. I know each one of them on my roster is special and unique and I am honored that they choose me to be their trainer for their own personal reasons. The only difference between them is the gym they train at. The principles and execution in each training session remains the same: honor, respect, dedication, diligence and a positive attitude.

BFT: What is your opinion on African-American women and the issue of often choosing hair over health? Have you ever struggled with this issue?  

NC: The hair, the hair, the hair, the hair issue, my goodness that is a great question. I decided a long time ago when I was a cheerleader that my hair would not become a factor in my desire to workout. I sweat tremendously due to my 5-6/weekly workouts, so for me, I had to choose a hairstyle that worked with me. I use Brazilian extensions mixed in with my hair to alleviate the time and stress I would incur if I had to leave my natural hair out. I know its not the easiest task to manage your hair on a daily basis and workout but the bottom line is this – if you want something bad enough – you will find a way to make it work and do it.

BFT: What was the motivation behind writing your book “YES MAM! Your Muscle As a Motivator?”

NC: Writing YES MAM! Your Muscle as a Motivator, was sparked by my mom who suggested I should take my personal journal entries and create a book out of them. I would write down principles that I witnessed time and time again to be successful in my life in regards to achieving my goals. I then agreed after sharing them with my Mom that making a book could inspire others to achieve success with some of the principles that worked for me. YES MAM! was born a year later to the world.

BFT: What advice would you give the Black Fitness Today community on reaching their health and fitness goals?

NC: The simplest advice I would give someone to start attacking their fitness goals would be to first write them down! Its imperative to write them down, establish an action plan, and then give yourself a review based on a time schedule that works best for you (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc. but definitely not yearly – too long of a review time). Decide that you want it and then commit. I also believe in praying for success whether your goal deals with inside or outside the gym, channeling your energy towards that goal in a spiritual way has everlasting effects.

BFT: How can people keep up with all the great things you have going on?

Website | NicoleChaplin.com
Facebook | OfficialNicoleChaplin
Youtube | NicoleChaplin1
Twitter | @nicolechaplin
Pinterest | Nicolechaplin
Instagram | @nicolechaplin

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What Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Model Nicole Chaplin Wants You To Know

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