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What’s In My Gym Bag!



YO! I am back with a video I have been wanting to do for some time! I am a NPC fitness and figure competitor and I did a show back in April. I wasn’t near where I wanted to be so I have been kicking it into high gear to get my body where I want it ultimately. Not just for shows but for life.

I have come across tools that have truly made it easier for me to workout. I have noticed substantially better workouts and overall internal ease about my workouts as a result of using these tools.

SOOOOO I am here to share the things that I have been using to help you along your journey as well!

*Note: I couldn’t find EXACT matches on all items but I referenced products that are as good or better than the ones I have!

#1. Gym Bag ::
#2. Locker Lock ::
#3. Scunci Headband ::
#4. Water Bottles
a. Nalgene ::
b. Blender ::
c. Bobble ::
* Alkaline Stick ::
#5. Mpow Headphones ::
#6. Tag A Long ::
#7. Gymboss ::
#8. Polar Heart Rate Monitor ::
#9. Lumbar Back Support/Brace ::
#10.Harbinger Ankle Cuff ::
#11. Lifting Gloves ::

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+Items I Use On The Regular!
Nutrition Hacks!
:::My Favorite Blender-Vitamix:
:::My Current Juicer-Breville Juicer:
:::How I Save Money Grocery Shopping- Ibotta:

:::Wireless Headphones- Mpow:
:::Polar Heart Rate Monitor:
:: Gymboss Interval Timer:

Recording & Editing Video
:::Camera- Sony A5100:
:::Lense To Blur Background- Cannon EF 50 mm f1.8 II:
:: Voice Over Mic:
:::Edit All Videos Using iMovie For Mac


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Thank you so much for watching my channel. I do not take it lightly anytime someone takes time out of their day to view my content. Hi, I’m Jená, a southern girl who loves Jesus and helps entrepreneurial women attain God’s promises for their lives! If you enjoyed this video, be sure to THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE .

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh without fear of the future. -Proverbs 31:25

Jená Emily Utley is a Holistic Lifestyle Maven and Possibility Trainer. She helps creative, enterprising, and entrepreneurial women achieve what they once thought impossible by attaining a fit mind, body, and understanding of God promises! Sign up for her newsletter at and get the possibility inspo you need to manifest God's best for your life!

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Every time I cook and have food remaining I always put it in a container and throw it in the fridge to recook as another dish ! 🥙 With my ground turkey left over from taco Tuesday I whipped it up with some zucchini noodles and came out amazing ! Try it yourself and let me know what you think ! What recipe should I do next ?

Credit: Possible Pat

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Abs / Core

Nothing better than finishing off a workout with SETS of core I rarely do Core …



Nothing better than finishing off a workout with sets of core
#core #coreworkouts #strenghttraining

Credit: msnicolefit

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How Many Calories Should I Be Eating? (Formula)



Here’s the formula ⬇️ EXAMPLE

Your WEIGHT ( 300 pounds ) multiply by 14. = ( 4,200 calories ) That will get you your TOTAL MAINTENANCE CALORIES.

Your MAINTENANCE CALORIE multiply by .25
4,200 calories x .25 = 1,050


Your MAINTENANCE CALORIE 4,200 subtract 1,050 = 3,150 calories.

3,150 would be your calorie goal

Depending on your workout intensity and job you can lower the deficit % the harder you work the more your body needs!
Now just plug in your weight and try it yourself !

Credit: Possible Pat

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