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britlovesfitness, brit tafoya, love your body

After giving birth to my twin girls I was left with the dreaded extra weight all of us women anticipate, I was weighing in over 220 lbs.

britlovesfitness, brit tafoya, love your body

I was feeling uncomfortable and dissatisfied with  the shape of my body.

There were things that kept playing in my mind that were discouraging my journey to lose weight and feel good.

Well, I got through those difficult times and I learned a lot about weight loss, and the transitions we have to go through mentally to reach our goals.

I have to say stepping on stage in my  first Bikini Athlete Competition placing Top 3, really was a defining moment for me.

britlovesfitness, brit tafoya, love your body

  • It made me realize that my weight could have got in the way of the virtue that was ahead of me.
  • I now make it my mission to encourage women to fall in love with loving their bodies.
  • There is so much stuff wrapped up in the accomplishment of your weight loss goal.
  • There is so many things that will flourish from you being focused on making your health a priority.
  • Reaching a goal is a powerful thing and it will change everything about you.
  • I know losing weight can be one of the most emotional journeys to embark on; filled with excitement and sadness all toward a goal.

Many give up before they even try; most give up before they reach their goal. But not you, not this time.

Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t give up on your weight loss goals.

1. You deserve to live your best life.

If your weight is weighing you down and keeping you from soaring, you need to let it go.

2. Your health will thank you.

Being overweight can off balance so many things in our bodies. You don’t need to be skinny, but it is important to be healthy.

If your weight has left the healthy zone, you owe it to your “BEST LIFE” to get on track.

3. It’s time to put on those jeans.

We ALL have that one pair of jeans. After I had my twins I seen a cute pair of jeans while I was out shopping and I just got them and assumed I could fit them. Nope.

They did not fit when I got home. But instead of returning them, I kept them as motivation.

It took me a year, but I got into them!

4. You’ll be that much further tomorrow.

The only way you can get better, is if you start.

There is absolutely no other way around it.

Do you need an extra boost to get started on your weight loss goals? Download my Healthy+Sexy Determined Woman 7 Day Inner Transformation workbook!

5. You’re worth it!

You deserve to live your best life…

And your best life is not weighed down by being overweight.

If you want to wear something, you should be able to and feel comfortable.

If you want to go run after your kids, you should be able to.

Don’t let the ever changing, ever fault finding, ever doubtful fear keep you from going after you.

Oh yes, you can be just as fabulous as you want to be, because you already have what it takes.

Instead of thinking impossible, say I’m Possible!!!


Brit Tafoya

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Brit Tafoya is a simplifier and a goal shaker, pushing folks to go after their dreams and fall in love with living their lives! She spends the majority of her time showing women how to take their power back and conquer their health and fitness goals in a life flowing way; helping create a catalyst for growth and pursuit of all things they've dreamt of achieving. You will not hear her speak without giving God a shout out for his hand in her life that was deemed for the statistics. She is a mother, a wife, and a woman that will set your goals on fire.

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5 Reasons People Quit Going To The Gym



1)  I don’t have time to workout

It takes 21 days to develop a habit. Diligently plan out the next 3 weeks, incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily regimen for 3-4 times a week. Make having an active life intentional. Put it on the same level as having lunch or getting sleep. As you work-out, it will soon become a non-negotiable, similar to eating and sleeping.

2)  It’s Too Crowded And People Watch Me

The gym isn’t the only option that will help you reach your body goals. There are various in-home regimens that you can following YouTube or your favorite social media fitness professionals. Fitness is doing more movement than you did the day before. Lunch break walks, morning workout routines, and bike rides all support your desire to have an active (and private) lifestyle.

3)  I’m Not Losing Any Weight

Getting the body you desire requires a lifestyle change. Oftentimes we believe workouts are enough, but eating and sleeping are also main components for weight-loss. Fat is burned during your body’s recovery stage and muscle building process. As you work out, obtain 6-8 hours of sleep to maximize gains. Clean eating cannot be overlooked, a high protein-low carb diet is key. We have to break our traditional mindsets of consuming 3 meals a day and get accustomed to eating 6 times a day. Eating 6 times includes 3 meals along with 3 snacks, which can also include smoothies and shakes.

4)  No One Will Know If I Quit 

Accountability is vital to starting a new workout routine. Identify a workout partner. If you can’t find one, write a contract with yourself. Sign your contract and hang it somewhere so you can see it everyday. Knowing you have a commitment to yourself or your partner will help you form healthy, weight-loss habits.

5)  I Just Hate Working Out!!!

You may hate the gym, but everyone loves a good reflection in the mirror. Everyone wants to add years to their life and working out does just that. You have to ask yourself every day, “does my lifestyle add years to my life or subtract them?”Medications and hospital bills can become very expensive so prevention has to be the focus. Remember: the healthier we are, the better the reflection we have in the mirror.

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5 Lies that Keep Ladies from Lifting



I’m not sure where these misconceptions come from, but let’s take a moment to clear them up.

1) Only men that know how to lift are in the weight room! FALSE

Ladies don’t let the fellas keep you out the free weight room or make you feel uncomfortable about lifting weights. First thing to consider is many guys in the weight room actually know very little about correct form….I frequently see them lifting using momentum to lift weights that are too heavy for them. So don’t be intimidated as you learn to do something you are not familiar with.

2) Lifting weights will make you bulky; I just want to “tone.” FALSE

The body is made of 2 things…Muscle and Fat…so to say you want to “tone” means you want more muscle to show. You do that by making the muscle bigger and losing the fat that prevents the muscle from showing. Lifting weights is essential in that process. Muscle is metabolically active, burning more calories and helping to incinerate fat all day long!

3) I should lose weight before I start lifting. FALSE

Don’t you want to preserve the muscle you have while losing the majority of your weight through fat? When you lift, your overall weight loss may seem slower, but you will lose inches faster. For that reason alone, I don’t like scales and strongly discourage their use on a daily basis…I could rant about scales all day but I’ll save it for another time!

The main reason you want to start lifting weights is because it increases your metabolism which can aid in your weight loss goals.

Let us pause and salute weight training!

4) Lifting weights will make you masculine and look like a bodybuilder! FALSE

It is REALLY difficult for women to build the amount of muscles that a true “bodybuilder” has. It takes an extreme amount of discipline, an insane amount of training and a diet that is so specific that the average lady wouldn’t want to eat that much! Why? Simply put, women naturally produce far less testosterone than our male counterparts which is essential in building muscle mass. Women with those physiques have spent YEARS working to get there. Whether their physique is your cup of tea or not, respect the dedication of the athlete.

5) Lifting weights is for the young! FALSE

Studies show that people of all ages, from children to the elderly, benefit from strength training…don’t believe me? Read what the doctors have said about how it can fight Alzheimer’s and dementia.

If you decide to embark on this new frontier by including lifting weights into your workout plan, trust and believe that you will begin to get advice from every Tom, Dick and Harry about what you should and shouldn’t do. Remember to stick to the basics and science over “bro-science”. Hire a professional if need be and when all else fails, trust your gut!

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The booty theory



You have probably stopped here for one of these reasons:

1. The word “booty” in the title has incredibly entertained your senses and you like everything about booties and women ( ……………….lol)

2. You just want to know what the heck is the booty theory !!?

The boooooooty theory! The booty is one of the most desired part of the woman’s body. It absolutely defines the way we walk, the way we dance, the way we stand! And let’s be honest….that’s not only an appealing body part for the men’s eyes, women have litteraly take over the appetite for round and curvy behinds! (Twweeeerkkk!)

Society standards have changed and it is totally positive to crown thick and curvy women too. Thanks to Instagram and celebrities such as Kim K for changing the game. Even though, plastic surgery is taking over, I am not against it everyone can choose what they want to do with their own body. But are we pushing too hard the woman’s image to be perfectly  shaped like a curvylicious doll?

I think there is a major impact because nowdays women don’t only want to loose weight or to be healthy, they want to get what Becky and her friend are talking about!   (Watch Becky & her friend)There is nothing wrong with it, but women and young girls are getting disproportionately obsessed by uplifting their behind in order to fit a new society criteria.

Squat videos and curvy models are booming now! It is great to have access to so many videos and pictures to get inspired! I do the same too with my instagram @iamsouannaj. I do have curves, I embrace them and I am proud of them.

But, the messsge I am trying get across is that women have to spend time uplifting their brain too and not only their booty! It is stunning to see a strong, magnificient  and curvy woman but that has also something to say, inspire others, create, develop new businesses, lead on, or does positive changes in her community like a real boss should do! Women should be more confident and invest more into themself! Women have to balance their  time to reach their ideal body goal and also develop long-lasting life goals. They need to focus on being healthy and therefore to be even stronger for a purposeful living!
Lift your booty and your brain too! What a nice statement! (lol) Comment below! I am wondering what is your opinion!

Souanna J

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