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Tasha Smith & Angela Bassett Recharge on Detox Retreat



Tasha Smith and Angela Bassett are charged up after a four-day detox retreat at The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu, “an all-inclusive weeklong wellness and fitness retreat in Malibu, California.” Tasha shared moments from what she called an “unforgettable detox and experience” via her Instagram, where she and other participants practiced a vegan lifestyle and remained active – hiking three to four hours, an hour of yoga and an additional two-hours workout. What about recovery? Tasha and Angela received daily massage to soothe their tired and aching muscles.

The retreat was a success for Smith, as she shared inspiring videos with fans touching on lessons that she learned during her time at The Ranch – “[the] hardest thing I’ve ever done! But most rewarding! We can get up any mountain if we put our minds to it! God bless you

      “You only get the view after you do the work.” – Tasha Smith      

The Ranch Live at Oak / Malibu is a luxury bootcamp, where you will gain physical endurance, shed unwanted pounds, tone up and detoxify in a healthy and sustainable way all while “getting off the grid” and back to nature. Visit their website more information.

Ilen & Lauren Bell are the husband and wife team behind Black Fitness Today, born, in 2011, out of their motivation to change culture, build a platform and lead the charge. Their purpose is to help change the culture towards health and fitness in the African-American community, showcase those who are making an impact, and promote healthier living. They also aim to serve as a platform for African-American fitness and health professionals and enthusiasts who are otherwise overlooked in traditional fitness media.

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Episode 5: The REAL Bow – Dr. Rainbow Barris

On ‘Black-ish’ Success, Marriage, Motherhood and Living Healthy Her Way!



Rainbow Barris, Blackish, Kenya Barris, Rainbow Barris book, podcast

We had the great pleasure to chat with The REAL Bow – Dr. Rainbow Barris for episode 5! Click on the link in this article to listen! And, read on to see more info on your chance to enter to win a copy of her brand new book!

podcast, rainbow barris

In this episode, we get right into our interview with Dr. Rainbow Barris, who is the inspiration behind the character Rainbow Johnson on ABCs hit show ‘Black-ish’ and author of Keeping Up With the Johnson’s – Bow’s Guide to Black-ish Parenting. It’s hard enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle period – let alone as wife of director and writer Kenya Barris, being a medical doctor and raising six children! But Barris has found what works for her and wants to encourage other women balancing family and career to find what works uniquely for them! Plus, we talk about the show, Mr. & Mrs. Barris’ recent $1 million donation to Clark Atlanta University, and what life is like for her now. Don’t miss this!

Beginning Friday, June 29th – you’ll be able to enter to win a copy of Barris’ book! Stay tuned to our website, and Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Episode 4: Leah Uko – Journalist on Fox 11 Los Angeles + Bodybuilder

Los Angeles area native Leah Uko is back home working as a nightside reporter, as seen on Fox 11 Los Angeles. But she’s also a bodybuilder preparing to step on stage again this fall. Learn more about her journey, why she loves to bear arms on camera, and why discipline and journaling keep her motivated and determined to reach her goals.



leah uko, los angeles, fox 11

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Milkadamia – Macadamia Milk

Ilen Bell, MS, CSCS, Co-Founder of Black Fitness Today



It has been a few years since I purchased dairy milk but I still drink whey protein – yes, I know that makes little sense but we will save that discussion for a later time. Anyhow, I have tried almond milk, flax milk, and coconut milk but never macadamia milk. I usually prefer my macadamias in cookies and CLIF Bars but I figured why not, Milkadamia’s macadamia milk…sure, I will give it a try!

I received a sample of the original flavor and unsweetened vanilla – both were delicious! I am used to a little aftertaste from dairy-free milks but Milkadamia had no noticeable aftertaste, which is a big positive in my book. Another positive – apparently, Milkadamia takes their products and quality very seriously, opting to have their macadamias tested by the Australian government to ensure Milkadamia is free of animal products and “a range of chemical residues and environmental contaminants…”

If you are like me and you like dairy-free milk but have yet to taste Milkadamia; give it a try, it won’t disappoint!

Milkadamia - Macadamia Milk
9.8 Reviewer
      Gluten Free
        No noticeable aftertaste
          Zero sugars (unsweetened flavors)
            Excellent dairy-free milk option
    Added sugars (original flavors)
Delicious macadamia milk made from un-roasted nuts for smooth taste|milky creaminess.

Information from Milkadamia’s website:

Every year, Australian government conducts a survey called ‘National Residue Survey (NRS)‘ that tests various Australian plant and animal products for a range of chemical residues and environmental contaminants, and macadamias are part of this test – we’re proudly one of the partners in forefront that take the clean and green food production standards very seriously.


The results of the latest National Residue Survey (NRS) have just been released, and we’re thrilled to be part of Australia’s macadamia producers that have once again been awarded 100% compliance, marking a 20-year unbroken record of perfect scores! It’s a significant achievement that is unmatched by any other Australian fresh product.

This is just yet another proof that our nuts in milkadamia are fruits of a world-class, restorative farming philosophy that celebrates the radical optimism in transforming how we make food, and how we eat food. Yet another reason to feel good about that smoothie bowl you made with your milkadamia.

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