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A MUST Have In Your Gym Bag – CLEANSE by Lauren Napier





I can tell women a lot more about protein powders than I can about setting and facial powders. If it wasn’t for my Bare Minerals and MAC staples, I’m not sure what I would really know. But, I’m slowly working on that. I’m a woman who wears a lot of sweat on my face, but taking care of my skin is very important to me. Healthy skin only helps a good face beat look even better!

Like so many active women out there, we are often on-the-go from the gym to our careers, or heading out to conquer our days, so how can we keep our skin healthy with ease and without having to pack a million products in our bags?

The answer – CLEANSE by Lauren Napier.

I came across this amazing woman and her product on Instagram. Ms. Napier was kind enough to introduce her cleansing wipes to the fitness community through Black Fitness Today. She is a celebrity make-up artist, whose work has been seen in the most recognizable publications and media outlets, with clients ranging from Drake to Colin Powell.



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Here’s a quick Q & A:

BFT: Tell us about your career and how your CLEANSE brand was born.
LN: When I look back at my career, I ask “Where did the time go?” It’s been 15 years in this business. I started at the MAC counter just before the MAC Cosmetics bubble burst. My experience evolved and I started working on photoshoots, then movies. In the midst of my career as a makeup artist I developed a passion for healthy skin and skincare products – then CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER was born.

BFT: What has been one of your most memorable moments to date?
LN: I have had the fortune of having a very fun filled and exciting career. One of my favorite experience was on a Vogue Magazine photoshoot. The shoot was for British Vogue and we were shooting a British Oscar Nominee in a trailer park in Malibu. Not just any trailer park, but a trailer park, in Malibu with million dollar trailers parked beach side! After the 12hour day was all said and done, the entire film crew ate pizza and had beer on the beach after the shoot. A huge part of my job is about taking advantage and exploring all of these hidden treasures and locations that I would never even know existed – I treasure sharing those experiences with all of the fun people who I meet. 

BFT: Who should use CLEANSE by Lauren Napier? 

LN: CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER is perfect for the fitness enthusiast. Removing makeup prior to a workout can help maintain clear skin while gently and effectively cleansing the skin’s surface. Using CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER after a workout helps to reduce acne caused by bacteria found in perspiration. CLEANSE is lightweight and slides neatly into your gym or day bag. 

BFT: Why is it important to maintain clear, healthy skin, especially while living an active lifestyle?

LN: It is important to maintain healthy skin and a healthy bod. Our skin is our largest living organ and is a representation of our overall health, it goes hand in hand. 

BFT: For anyone trying to maintain or improve the condition of their skin, what’s a simple routine one can begin today?

LN: The most simple way to improve your skin condition is to avoid touching your face. Oils and bacteria transfer from hands to the face easily congesting the skin creating clogged pores and acne. Avoid touching your face and CLEANSE!


I was excited to try CLEANSE and this product did not disappoint. I believe it’s a must have and here’s why:


1. I never took cleansing wipes that serious, because although they all seem to take the dirt away, I’m always left with a dry face. I have extremely sensitive skin yet the wipes left my face soft and and I didn’t have to follow up with any moisturizer.

2. These wipes are excellent for make-up removal as well. Everything comes off.

3. Luxury skin care can also be convenient. These wipes are packaged individually and take-up minimal space.

What are you waiting for? Get your CLEANSE, which can be found internationally at

Twitter/Instagram: @LaurenNapier




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Ilen & Lauren Bell are the husband and wife team behind Black Fitness Today, born, in 2011, out of their motivation to change culture, build a platform and lead the charge. Their purpose is to help change the culture towards health and fitness in the African-American community, showcase those who are making an impact, and promote healthier living. They also aim to serve as a platform for African-American fitness and health professionals and enthusiasts who are otherwise overlooked in traditional fitness media.

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How To Do The Barbell Hip Thrust…



Are you struggling to build bigger glutes?

Check out my video to learn about the 4 cues you must use with the barbell hip thrust in order to perform them with excellent form and maximize your gains.

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Michael B. Jordan Gained 15 Pounds of Muscle for Killmonger Role

Wallace Has Come A Mighty Long Way!



Killmonger, Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan

Erik Killmonger is a very powerful character in Marvel’s Black Panther. The supervillain, played by Michael B. Jordan, along with his dominating spirit and his pain, was just as important to the story line as the evolution of T’Challa. While there’s generally an antagonist in films (spoiler alert coming if you haven’t seen the film) – we didn’t find Killmonger to be so much of a villain after all.

Corey Calliet is the man behind Michael B. Jordan’s gains, and arguably another person who contributed the overwhelming success of the movie. The celebrity trainer, seen now on Revenge Body on E! helped Jordan bulk up, as well as help other stars like Angela Bassett, be at peak physical condition for Black Panther. Calliet has worked with Jordan in the past, most notably for Creed and the Fantastic Four reboot.

Michael B. Jordan, Killmonger, Black Panther

Photo: Men’s Fitness

“When you see him, you need to be scared, you need to be intimidated. We don’t want the nice, young-looking Michael,” Calliet said in an interview with Men’s Health Mag. He also describes his training style to that of an artist taking a chisel to a block of marble. “I’m talking about sculpting a body, not just conditioning it to be fast…I wanted to make his shoulders look better. I needed his upper chest to pop. I needed his back to tell a story. I wanted his back to look like a globe, like a map.”

So how did Jordan get his gains? Calliet trained the actor two to three times a daily and Jordan ate six meals per day. Get more details on Calliet’s training with details with Jordan here .



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5 Reasons People Quit Going To The Gym



1)  I don’t have time to workout

It takes 21 days to develop a habit. Diligently plan out the next 3 weeks, incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily regimen for 3-4 times a week. Make having an active life intentional. Put it on the same level as having lunch or getting sleep. As you work-out, it will soon become a non-negotiable, similar to eating and sleeping.

2)  It’s Too Crowded And People Watch Me

The gym isn’t the only option that will help you reach your body goals. There are various in-home regimens that you can following YouTube or your favorite social media fitness professionals. Fitness is doing more movement than you did the day before. Lunch break walks, morning workout routines, and bike rides all support your desire to have an active (and private) lifestyle.

3)  I’m Not Losing Any Weight

Getting the body you desire requires a lifestyle change. Oftentimes we believe workouts are enough, but eating and sleeping are also main components for weight-loss. Fat is burned during your body’s recovery stage and muscle building process. As you work out, obtain 6-8 hours of sleep to maximize gains. Clean eating cannot be overlooked, a high protein-low carb diet is key. We have to break our traditional mindsets of consuming 3 meals a day and get accustomed to eating 6 times a day. Eating 6 times includes 3 meals along with 3 snacks, which can also include smoothies and shakes.

4)  No One Will Know If I Quit 

Accountability is vital to starting a new workout routine. Identify a workout partner. If you can’t find one, write a contract with yourself. Sign your contract and hang it somewhere so you can see it everyday. Knowing you have a commitment to yourself or your partner will help you form healthy, weight-loss habits.

5)  I Just Hate Working Out!!!

You may hate the gym, but everyone loves a good reflection in the mirror. Everyone wants to add years to their life and working out does just that. You have to ask yourself every day, “does my lifestyle add years to my life or subtract them?”Medications and hospital bills can become very expensive so prevention has to be the focus. Remember: the healthier we are, the better the reflection we have in the mirror.

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