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The #BlackTravel Movement Is a Reality Many Before Us Could Only Dream Of



black travel

Black travel and exploration around the world is here to stay. “We can do what we want. We can go where we want,” says Evita Robinson, architect of the #BlackTravel movement and creator of Nomadness.

But black people didn’t always have opportunities to travel freely, even in the United States. See how Robinson’s idea has created a powerful movement and how she is bringing our community together through travel experiences.

Check out this video from Rise Up.

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Lauren is the co-founder of Black Fitness Today, the digital magazine dedicated to empowering the black community - mind, body, soul, culture and money. She lives in Tucson, AZ, where she also manages the healthy food blog The Remix with Lauren, her husband and his brain that never stops churning, and their completely lit one-year-old daughter. You can reach her at

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Activist, Athlete and Artist, Andia Winslow – Fitness With A View [Travel]



From Fortune 500 companies, community organizations, internationally recognized initiatives and beyond, Andia has been honored to balance her role as an elite athlete ambassador, broadcaster, advocate and spokesmodel. Her experience includes work as a public speaker, gala/event hostess, corporate clinic presenter, documentary filmmaker, freelance writer, and dedicated golf instructor. Major clients have included: Intel Corporation, Seattle Children’s Hospital, National Recreation and Parks Association,  Walmart, Major League Baseball (MLB), Vanderbilt University, National Football League (NFL) and countless others. She believes that “the best experiences are those that are shared” and has been recognized globally for her fitness activism in the creation of innovative movies that encourage heart health, proper consumption, injury prevention and total athletic development.

Andia is on a mission “to help people around world harmonize their bodies w/ their environments!” No gym required.

Traveling is something you’ve done quite a bit as of late. Why might people looking for fit trips want to travel so some of your recent destinations? (Grenada, Spice Isle; Grand Cayman; Redwood Forest, California; Santa Monica, California, and Phoenix, Arizona)

I’m inspired by the built environment and the energies that make big cities famous, but my first love is the natural world. I seek destinations that take my breath away, not necessarily because of the altitude but because of the sheer beauty of the vistas. Oh, and because of the workout potential of course! Grenada is hilly, quiet and home to a thriving triathlete community. On every occasion that I visit Phoenix, Arizona, I’m on the precipice of Camelback Mountain upon hours of landing at Sky Harbor International. A 6.5 hour drive West lands you in Santa Monica. There’s nothing quite like hiking in the mountains for breakfast and catching waves for lunch! The Redwood forest is a meditative must-visit. Feeling completely insignificant while standing beneath giants and yet empowered to share that feeling with everyone that you know or will come to know.

Your fitness spontaneity or as you say “get it in where you can fit it in,” is very unique. Where is the most random place you’ve decided to exercise?

Random is in the eye of the beholder! Footage of me working out in an East Harlem laundromat went viral online but I’ve also found comfort fitting in workouts at the barbershop, on the subway en route to work and in my kitchen while planning the week’s meal prep.

Spending most of your time in the Big Apple. Where can people go in NYC for a great workout with a view to match?

The Brooklyn Promenade has become a very popular destination for the active set. Views of the Manhattan skyline, East River and Governor’s Island prove good backdrops for those who love a workout selfie. Not to mention, the City of New York has done an amazing job transforming industrial blight into basketball, tennis and sand volleyball courts, roller rinks, seasonal swimming pools, expansive boardwalk, bike path and more. Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way!

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